Indravati National Park

Situated in the Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, Indravati National Park is the only tiger reserve in this state. It is named after the Indravati River, and is a beautiful, scenic spot bursting with natural beauty and the thrill of wildlife. It was declared a National Park in 1981, and in 1983, was declared a tiger reserve as well, based on the Project Tiger, a national initiative. A lovely National Park, with plenty of fresh air, and the opportunity to look at the various animals free, and in their natural environment, Indravati National Park is a treat for any nature lover.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit Indravati National Park is between the months of December and June. The monsoons tend to get tricky here, so it is best to avoid that period. The winters are cool and pleasant, but carry some light woolens because it might get slightly chilly during the evenings.

When to visit

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Things to do

The local flora of this National Park is varied, but blends in beautifully together to create a harmoniously charming sight. Dry deciduous as well as tropical moist flora is what is present here, and trees such as Teak, Sal Bamboo, and Mahua are quite common. There are a wide variety of flowers which grow in nooks and crannies throughout the park, and for those who appreciate such natural beauty it makes for a wonderfully enriching trip to this national park.

This National Park also protects the Wild Asian Buffalo, a highly endangered species, which is being conserved within the safety of this space. The Indian Bison is another beautiful animal one gets to spot within these grounds. The tigers are elusive creatures, but patience almost always pays off, while trying to spot one. These grand cats are not always ready to show themselves, but when they do, it is a sight to behold! Leopards, the Chausingha, the highly endangered black buck, nilgai, dholes and striped hyenas are just some of the other animals you can spot while at Indravati.

There are also an impressive number of reptiles in the National Park. The beautiful freshwater crocodile can be spotted here, as can the cobra, the Indian rock python as well as the Russell’s viper. The aviary pride of Indravati is the Hill Mynah. These birds are found in abundance within the precincts of this park, and photographing some of them might be a good idea.

Indravati National Park covers huge grounds, and taking long safari walks through these grounds, escorted by a knowledgeable guide could turn out to be one of the best experiences you’ve had.  The grounds are beautiful, lush, and vibrant with natural life thriving at its best, and it is a refreshing sight to see, every day. Spending a couple of days here could be just the thing you might need in order to invigorate yourself, and reconnect with your wild side. However, since there are so many predatory creatures about, ambling around at night or walking off unsupervised is not the best idea. But the scenic charm of the place is reason enough to go visit, and experience it for yourself.

Places to Stay

There are forest rest houses in Pharsegarh, Sendra, Kutrue, Pengunda and Karkeli. These forest rest houses can be booked by contacting the forest officials, or on a first-come-first-serve basis. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and there are officers at the locale who are helpful about tourist information.

How to Reach

  • The Raipur Airport is the closest one to this national park. It is 486 kilometers away from the national park, and from here on, one can take a train to the nearest railway station, or take a longer journey by road.
  • Jagdalpur railway station is the closest to Indravati National Park. It is about 168 kilometers away.
  • The main entrance to the park is through the village of Kutrue. One can drive down from Jagdalpur to Indravati without much hassle. Buses can take you there, as can hired cars.

Surrounding Attractions

While not in the immediate vicinity of Indravati, Kanger Valley National Park in the state of Chhattisgarh is quite impressive, and visiting this beautiful place is a must, if you have a few days at hand.

The same goes for Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary.  If you want to regain touch with your urban side, Raipur is a few hours away, and the place makes for a pleasant stay.

Important Numbers

Chattisgarh Field Director,
Indravati Tiger Reserve, 
P.O. Bijapur,

District Bastr, Chattisgarh
Ph: 07782-225073(O)-222006(O)