Located along the banks of river Musi, Hyderabad is the biggest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Its history is as rich and colourful as the metropolitan itself. From being under Mughal rule for almost a century before the Nizams of Hyderabad were established, and then being a princely state under the British Rule, till it got inculcated as a part of Independent India, Hyderabad still contain the remnants of its cultural, social and political history in the form of its numerous heritage sites. One of the most populated cities in India, Hyderabad is definitely worth a visit for anyone who wants to experience India’s unique metropolitan culture.

Travel Tips

At least a week should be spent in this beautiful city in order to experience all that Hyderabad has to offer. Do try their world-famous Biryani, is order to experience the subtlety and the richness of their cuisine. The best time to travel to Hyderabad is between October and March, when the weather is pleasant and cool. The summers here can get very hot, and might not be conducive to exploring the city.

When to visit

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Things to do

The Charminar is considered to be the heart of Hyderabad. Also called the Arc de Troimphe, the Charminar was built by Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. It stands at a height of 46 meters, and was built in 1591. It was built to commemorate the shifting of the capital from Golconda to Hyderabad during the Mughal rule. Square in shape, the Charminar is so named because there are four tall towers at each corner point of the square structure. These towers have balconies which provide very beautiful views of the city of Hyderabad, from a bird’s eye perspective.

The Golconda fort too, is one of the main attractions of the city. It was first built in the 13th century by the Kakatiya Kings, and was later consolidated and renovated by the Qutb Shahi Kings. The fort, under the latter, was extended and made stronger. Today, the fort has as many as 80 gateways, out of which the Balahisar Darwaza stands out as being the most magnificent of the lot. The fort is located above a hill, which overlooks the plains from a height of almost 400 metres, and the fort has four drawbridges which used to help going in and out of this massive structure. This beautiful fort still reminds one of the glory of this city’s magnificent history, and the might of the kings who had come before. The Mecca Masjid is one of the largest, most ancient mosques in this city. Its name was given to it because of the rumor that some of the stones which were used for this mosque were brought in directly from Mecca. This mosque, which took 77 years to complete was started by Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1617, and was finished by Emperor Aurangzeb in 1694. It is only about a 100 yards from Charminar.

With the blue fountain as its centre, the Char Kaman was built by Mir Momin, and it refers to the four arcs which were made in the different parts of the city. The arc to the south of the fountain is called Charminar Kaman, while the one to the North in called Machli Kaman. The one to the east is called Kali Kaman, and the one to the west goes by the name of Kaman Sher Dil. These four arcs form a very important part of the historical and archeological history of the city. The Qutub Shahi tombs, where lie the great rulers of this dynasty is located in Ibrahim Bagh, which is very close to the Golconda forts. The tombs are divided into two galleries, and the tomb of the most prominent of this dynasty, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, was designed according to the king’s wishes. This site also contains a Dargah which was dedicated to Hussain Shah Wali, one of the most revered Sufi Saints, and there is also a bathing place constructed in the compound. The Paigah Tombs, which are located in Santoshnagar, are also worth a visit.

Salar Jung III was chosen to be prime minister at the young age of 23, and it was he who had initiated the building of the Salar Jung Museum. The museum gained national importance much later, but it contains invaluable treasures of Indian history and art. The museum houses not just artifacts which were used by the greats like Shah Jahan, Aurangzeb and Noor Jahan, but it also contains 43,000 paintings as well as 47,000 books along with 9,000 holographs. For anyone who appreciates history and art, this museum is a must visit.

The construction of the Chowmahalla Palace was started in 1750, and was later used by the Nizams for quite a few years. Its architecture is magnificent, and is an amalgamation of different styles such as Persian architecture, Rajasthani influence, European additions and Indo Saracenic features too. This palace todat contains various paintings and other artifacts, and has been beautifully maintained by the government. The Falaknuma Palace is significant because it was used by the last Nizam who ruled Hyderabad. This palace is definitely worth a visit, while in the city.

The Chilkur Balaji Temple, the Osman Sagar lake, the Himayat Sagar lake, the Nehru Zoological Park, the Warangal fort, and Laad Bazaar are just a few of the other important tourist locations in this beautiful, wonderful city.

Places to Stay

High-Range: If you really want a royal experience in Hyderabad, then staying at the ITC Kakatiya is one brilliant option. With room prices ranging between 15,000-30,000 INR, this place treats you like royalty, with all the amenities at hand, the best staff service, and a number of other facilities like tours, spa treatments, a salon, a gym, a pool, and much more. Another luxurious option here is Green Park, with room rates starting from 11,000 INR.

Mid-Range: If you want affordable options for staying at Hyderabad, then the Grand Solitaire is a good option. The room rates begin from 3,200 INR, and there are a variety of rooms to choose from. Air-conditioning, room service, internet access, and a bunch of other facilities are made handy. Harsha is another hotel which is affordable and comfortable. The room rates here vary from 1,600-2,500 INR.

Low-Range: Budget hotels here include Dwarka Heritage, which offers clean, comfortable rooms and the basic amenities within the range of 600-1,100 INR. The Ashoka offers good services for 600-1,500 INR.

How to Reach

  • There are two terminals in the airport at Hyderabad. The international one goes by the name of Rajiv Gandhi Terminal, and the national one goes by the name of N.T Rama Rao terminal. International and national flights are quite regular to this city.
  • The railway station in Hyderabad is also well connected to various other parts of the country. Getting to Hyderabad is not a problem from most places in India, because of the frequency of trains which go to and from this city quite regularly.
  • A number of good highways connect Hyderabad to various places in Andhra Pradesh as well as the neighboring states. Within the city, the local bus, or cabs are the best ways to travel.

Surrounding Attractions

Vishakhapattanam, Warangal and Vijaywada are some of the popular destinations very close to Hyderabad. Warangal is 152 kilometers away, and the famous fort, as well as the various temples here are worth a visit. Vijaywada is 267 kilometers from the city of Hyderabad while Vishakhapattanam is 598 kilometers away. The Pocharam sanctuary, the Kinnerasani sanctuary and the Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife sanctuary are also some other desintations close to Hyderabad.