Located in the district of Sambalpur in the state of Odisha, Hirakud is a town which attracts tourists from all over the country. The town is still in its developing period and as such provides a beautiful coexistence of nature and human efforts at using the resources of nature without damaging it. The town of Hirakud presents both signs of human influence and the bounties of nature. As such, it is the perfect place for you to make a trip to if you want to take a break from city life but do not want to go too far away from all human activity.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit Hirakud is during the months between November and February. You will not have too much rain or too much sun and can explore the place all day long.

When to visit

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  • 9.0 mm
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Things to do

If you are planning to make a trip to the quaint little town of Hirakud, you are sure to give your eyes a treat as it feasts on the panoramic view that the town presents. It is not for nothing that Hirakud has become one of the major tourist attractions in this part of Odisha. The town has a sleepy old world charm which appeals greatly to the tourists. The major attraction of Hirakud is the Hirakud Dam which has been built here across the mighty Mahanadi River. Hirakud Dam is one of the largest dams in the world and drains an area which is larger than the entire area of Sri Lanka. The dam also forms the largest artificial lake in all of Asia. Thus it is no wonder that Hirakud Dam is attracts tourists from all across the globe. The towering dam awes anyone who beholds it. However it is not only the dam that attracts tourists. Hirakud is also quite popular among the pilgrims. There are a large number of temples in the area which are thronged by devotees from different parts of the country. A trip to Hirakud remains incomplete without visiting these temples. The Budharaja Temple situated on the Budharaja Hill is the most famous temple. Ghanteswari Temple is another famous temple. Interestingly, this temple also used to function as a lighthouse. Leaning Temple is also quite popular. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and has a huge following of devotees.

Getting Around

The region is quite well developed and getting around is fairly easy. The public transport system is quite good. You can move about by renting a car. Car renting services are fairly numerous and comes at a reasonable price. You can also hire bikes and cycles and explore the locality on your own.

Places to Stay

As a popular tourist destination, there are a large number of hotels in Sambalpur where you can book your accommodations. Depending on whether you want to pamper yourself or look at the budget end of things, there are a wide variety of hotels to care to your needs.

How to Reach

  • If you prefer to travel by plane, the nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar Airport. From there, you can either take a taxi or a bus to cover the remaining portion of the journey. Cars for hire are easily available just outside the airport. The distance between Bhubaneswar Airport and Ramkrishna Beach is quite minimal. It is connected to the major airports all over the country like Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.
  • The nearest important railway station is HirakudRailway Station. The rail station at Hirakud is connected to the station in Bhubaneswar, and via it to the other major stations across the country. The fare for interstate travel will be between Rs.1600 and Rs.3000 depending on the class you choose to travel in. If you are travelling within the state, the fare will be somewhere between Rs.150 and Rs.300. You can book your tickets from sites like irctc.in, makemytrip.com, and yatra.com.
  • The town of Hirakud is quite well connected by road. There are direct routes between Hirakud and other parts of the state. You can get up on a bus from any of the important towns or cities and take a bus which will take you to Hirakud. From there you can go to the dam. Alternately, you can also rent a taxi or a car for the trip.

Surrounding Attractions

Ushakothi is quite nearby and is famous for its wildlife sanctuary. Chiplima is also well worth visiting. It has a hydro-electric power plant built on the waterfall here.

Important Numbers

Police: 100

Fire brigade: 101

Hospital: 102