Guru Ghasidas National Park

This national park was born from the Sanjay Gandhi National Park when Chhattisgarh was carved out of Madhya Pradesh. The Guru Ghasidas National Park, named after Chhattisgarh’s Satnami hero, constitutes about sixty percent of the former national park, and is located in the Koria district of the state. The scenic beauty of this national park is unique and refreshing, and is a must-visit for those who love and admire wildlife, or even those who want to escape the mechanical jungle called the city, and enter a more natural one.

Travel Tips

Going to Guru Ghasidas National Park between the months of November and June is advisable. The winters are not very cold, but carrying some light woolens is prudent, since the evenings will get a little cold owning to the natural air all around.

If you’re planning on staying at the forest guest house, relying on free rooms when you reach is not the best idea. You should call the forest director ahead of time, and ask about free rooms, so that you’re prepared with alternatives in case it there are no vacancies.

When to visit

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Things to do

The vegetation here is varied, which instead of being a problem, lends character to Guru Ghasidas National Park, and contributes to its ecological diversity. Sal and Bamboo can be found here in abundance, and some other trees include Palash, Mahua and Tendu. The diverse vegetation here has come together to present a beautiful whole, and it is a paradise of sorts for people who love nature and greenery. There are quite a few species of flowers and plants which make this national park look even prettier than it already is.

The fauna here is just as diverse as the flora. There are a variety of birds which can be found within the grounds of Guru Ghasidas National Park. All of these birds are incredibly beautiful, and some are quite rare. The species of birds here include parakeet, barbet, bulbul, oriole, wagtail, drongo, munia, kingfisher, tree-pie minivet, and quite a few migratory birds which visit during the peak seasons. This is bound to be quite a treat for bird-watchers, and even for those who love and appreciate nature and wildlife.

There are various beautiful animals within the national park. The beautiful, formidable tiger is one of the chief attractions of this national park. Other animals here include Leopards, Chitals, the jungle cat, dhole, barking deer, bison, chinkara, jackal, striped hyena, monkey, as well as the four horned antelope. The reptiles here include monitor lizards, cobras and pythons. For those who love wildlife and safaris, this national park is definitely worth a visit. Long walks through the pathways, exploring the flora and the fauna and appreciating beauty as it occurs naturally, is an enthralling experience. Safaris and short treks can be taken through this reserve, under supervision. Since there are quite a few predators around, walking around without supervision is neither allowed, nor advisable. Most of these safaris occur early in the day, so a visit to Guru Ghasidas National Park would start early, and the evenings can be spent listening to the sounds of the nocturnal creatures which are out and about during the night. The peace and serenity here is another bonus to go visit this place without fail.

Places to Stay

Apart from the rest houses at the forest department, once can also opt for Hotel Shri Mangalam at Baikunthpur, which is close to the national park. The room rates here vary from 120-800 INR, which makes it quite affordable. Number: 07836-232021

Both these options provide good, clean rooms. They are not meant to be luxury hotels, but they provide quality, wholesome food, and decent living quarters. Guides for safaris can be contacted from both these places.

Another option would be to live at some of the hotels in Raipur, although it is quite a way off.

How to Reach

  • The closest airport to this national park is at Raipur. From there, one can avail different forms of transport to make it to the national park.
  • Jaora Railway station is the closest one to the national park. It is about 20 kilometers away from the destination.
  • The National Park falls on the highway which connects Riva to Varanasi through Sidhi and Mirjapur. Sidhi, located in Madhya Pradesh, is about 60 kilometers away from the Guru Ghasidas National Park, and the highway can be opted for, if you want to travel by road.

Surrounding Attractions

Madhya Pradesh is right next door, and is a treasure trove of places to visit. The rest of the segmented Sanjay National Park can be explored in Madhya Pradesh. If you have some time at hand, do explore the other conservation areas in Chhattisgarh. They are all quite beautiful. Although lesser known, they pack in quite a punch.

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Guru Ghasidas National Park