Located amidst the mystic Sahyadri hills, Lonawala or Lonavla, as it is popularly known is a trekker’s paradise. A small hill town spread over 38 sq. Kilometres, Lonavla is a sight for city-sore eyes. Even though it has no towering peaks or tempestuous valleys, it is frequented throughout the year, Indian and Foreign travellers alike, in their attempts to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


The city is especially famous for its lush green scenery, a hard-candy sweet called ‘chikki’ and a climate which remains pleasant throughout the year. Bestowed with many hills, serene lakes, gushing waterfalls, historical forts and caves, Lonavla offers a breathtaking view – the Konkan coast on one side and panoramic views of the Deccan plateau on another. Located between the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and Pune, Lonavla has been developed and promoted as a luxurious tourist destination, which boasts of peace and seclusion.

Travel Tips

If you are looking for peace and quiet, Lonavla is the place for you. However, try visiting during the week, if you are looking to avoid the boisterous city crowd. The local language spoken is Marathi, however both Hindi and English are also pretty popular and understood by the locals. The best time to visit Lonavla would be during the monsoons, when the whole countryside transforms into a charming locale of small hills perfect for day-long treks, lush green valleys, miniature waterfalls by the roadside and fresh, clean air. Remember to stop at a local chai-wala (tea shop) and try the masala chai (tea), Rs 5-10 a cup, while snacking on some delicious bhajjis (snacks) for Rs 30-40 a plate. Trek up to the Lohagadh or Peb fort or spend a day by the serene Lonavla lake, watching the sunset. Or try driving up to Sunny’s Dhaba, for a Sunday brunch. Whether you are there for a weekend or longer, Lonavla is the perfect escape to the lap of nature, away from the city’s din and pollution.

When to visit

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sprinkles Pleasant
  • 34° Max
  • 30° Min
  • 4 mm
  • Light clothes

Clothes to wear

Light clothes in summer and light woolen in winter, must carry umbrella in all the seasons.

Things to do

You will never be at a loss of things to do in Lonavla. There are several viewpoints like Ramachi Point which has a towering view of the famous Shivaji fort and the surrounding valley, Tiger’s Point with a sheer drop more than 650 metres and commands an uninterrupted and spectacular view of the Deccan Plateau. Duke’s Nose, about 12 kms. off Lonavla is a popular trekking point, as are the Lohagadh and the Visapur forts. Only ruins of these ancient forts stand today that boast of a rich heritage of the Maratha kings.

Located atop a peak, the bushy Dam comes to life during the monsoons, with water gushing out to make a waterfall along the hillside. Located in the backdrop of a hilly terrain and lush green scenery, this is a one of the biggest tourist attractions in Lonavla.

Lonavla is also known for its rock-cut caves, from which it derives its name (Lonavli means caves). Bhaja and Karla caves are very popular among the foreign tourists both for the exquisite architecture and massive pillars as well as the Buddhist lineage.

The lakes in Lonavla are known for their serene environments. Many travellers are seen sitting by the Lonavla Lake or the Tungarli Lake, engrossed in much needed soul-searching amidst Nature.


The best thing about being in Lonavla is that you do not have to go to a particular location to experience Nature. Though some spots have become popular because of the magnificent views they have to offer, you could simple choose to drive/ ride around the city in your own pace, whiling the day away, enjoying the beautiful countryside and the fresh mountain air.

Getting Around

Inspite of being a small city located amidst the hills, there is ample local transportation available. Taxi and autos ply within the city ad can be rented from any of the major parts/markets of the city. However, neither of the two runs on meters, so you need to fix a price with them beforehand. Find out from the locals around what the general rates are and remember to bargain hard.

A great way to travel around the city would be to rent bicycles, which are available for as cheap as Rs 120 a day and cycle around the beautiful countryside, breathing in the clean mountain air.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • The Lohegaon Airport at Pune, is the closest airport, served by domestic and some international carriers. The nearest International airport is the Mumbai airport and you will find chauffeured car services that you look book, right at the airport.
  • The Lonavla railway station is located on the main Mumbai-Pune railway line, and most express train between the two cities stops here. Trains run all day, and depending on the time of travel you can choose between Intercity Express, Jodhour Express, Koyna Express, Deccan Express etc.
  • Located 64 kms. from Pune and 96 Kms. from the city of Mumbai, Lonavla can be accessed easily both by road and rail. By car, you will have to take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and exit at Khandala. Between extensive tunnels and beautiful hilly countryside, the drive to Lonavla is one of the best things about going there. Though the toll is about Rs 85, it is a balmy drive and reduces the travel time by almost three times. However, this Expressway is not accessible for two-wheelers. If you are on a two-wheeler or want to avoid the toll, or have been putting off the spirit of adventure of another day until now, the NH4 or the old Mumbai-Pune road is what you want. Similarly from Pune, you can take the NH4 or the combination of the two roads to reach Lonavla. Private busses also ply between Mumbai and Lonavla ad your best bet would be to book one in advance from redbus.in or makemytrip.com. To salvage a last minute travel plan, rush to Dadar Circle in Mumbai, and you will be sure to find some conveyance (shared taxis, busses etc.) to reach Lonavla.

Important Numbers

Police Station: 1234567879

Fire Brigade: 1122334455

Ambulance: 2233445566