Silent Valley National Park

Nestled at the heart of Nilgiri Forest reserve, the Silent Valley National Park is perhaps one of the most wonderful gifts Mother nature has given to mankind. Enclosed within towering ridges and steep hills, silent Valley National Park is a niche of ecological harmony. Located 40 km away from Mannarkkad, Palakkar district of North Kerala, it is a unique and extremely fragile preserve of tropical evergreen rainforests. These forests are a nursery to an extensive variety of flora and fauna, some of which bloom only within the park and nowhere else. The park is a rich storehouse of biodiversity and is every botanist's dream destination. It is abode to over a thousand species of flowering plants which include about 110 species of orchids and more than 34 species of mammals. The pristine river Kunthi descends from an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level and meanders across the valley through the dense forests. The water never turns muddy and is always crystal clear. The climate remains cool and the air is fresh and unspoiled. At nightfall, the sky turns into a dazzling blanket of stars adding to the surrounding an almost numinous and ethereal quality which is a pleasant change from the din of city life. The twinkling fireflies light up the trees and the humming of insects, the bubbling of brooks, the croaking of frogs and the trill of gushing waters sound like music to your ears, calming you down and pulling you into a dreamy slumber.

Travel Tips

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  • 7.6 mm
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Things to do

For those who are truly appreciative of nature and it's serene breathtaking beauty, silent valley national park is the place to be. The unspoilt natural beauty of the park rejuvinates your senses. Take a trip to Makkali, this is where you park your private vehicles. Traveling within the park is fairly easy. 6 seater jeeps at available at Rs 1000/- and entry to the park is Rs 25/-. We highly recommend that you take the park5 hour jeep safari to the core area of Sairandhri. Call up the forest department from before to check the availability of jeeps and book your seats. The park is open from 8A.M to 1P.M. once at Sairandhri, most definitely go for the trek to and fro the Kantipuzha river, however be sure to carry a bag of salt for there is an abundance of leeches. If a leeches bites you, which is most likely to happen, dab some salt onto it and it'll fall off. It does not hurt but the place bleeds so make sure you wipe the wound with a clean cloth. Carry your binoculars, camera and some snakes for there is no food available within the park. However, make sure you do not litter the park with the wrappers. The wildlife is sparse, though you will see a fair number of beautiful birds flying around. You are sure to see the lion tailed monkey. If you're lucky you might spot time other animals too, but the sightings are rare.

Places to Stay

Luxury hotels : Silent Valley Resort, KTDC Tamarind.

Deluxe hotels : Tripenta Hotel, Indraprastha hotel.

Moderate/budget hotels : Kairali hotel, Palakkad heritage hotel.

How to Reach

  • Kozhikode-140 km; Coimbatore-100km
  • Palakkad- 58 km; Coimbatore- 90 km
  • Coimbatore - Mannakkad - Mukkali - 90km Coimbatore - Palakkad - Mukkali - 120km Kozhikode - Palakkad - Mannakkad - Mukkali - 120 km

Important Numbers

Chief wildlife : 0471-2321610, mob:9447979007

Assistant wildlife warden- tel .ph : 04924-253225