Cradled in the laps of the Himalayan Mountains, a city on the banks of the river Beas; picturesque vales and forests decorating the landscape. Welcome to Manali. Located in the state of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla is one of the major tourist destinations in the country. Manali is as much known for the great natural beauty of the place as well as the history and culture. The region has seen the amalgamation of a lot of different customs, the most recent contribution coming from the English during the British period. The planning and architecture of the place still show the influence of that period.

Manali is actually a collection of three adjacent hills. Each hill has a village and an old temple dominating it, Old Manali, Vashishtha and Dhungri temple. 

Manali offers that haunting beauty to which hill stations in the lower Himalayan ranges can only aspire. 

Languages spoken in this region is Pahari.

Travel Tips

The best time to go to Manali is during the period between October and June. The temperature is cool then and there is not much rainfall. If you are travelling during the winter months pack warm cloths as winter is very cold in these regions. Summer is pleasant with moderate temperature.

When to visit

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Things to do

Manali is the place to go to if you are tired of the grey cityscape and wants to give your eyes a refreshing break. The hill station at Manali is known for its green forest coverings and mountain roads that wind all the way along. The Rohtang Pass, situated at a height of around 3000 m from the sea level is one of the popular tourist locations. There you can also visit the Beas Kund, the spring from which River Beas originates. There is also an igloo shaped temple there. The place has several temples which attract tourists from all across the globe. The Hidimba Temple is one of the most popular temples, dedicated to the character of that name from the Mahabharata. The place around the temple is covered by dense cedar forest. Sharvari Temple should also be visited. It was the place of worshipping of the royal family of Kullu. Manali also has a number of hot water springs. Some of the popular ones are Kalath Hot Water Spring, and Vashist Hot Water Spring. Jogini Waterfalls is quite nearby and presents a beautiful sight as the water crashes on the bedrock below from a great height. Also, do not forget to make a trip to the Manali Gompa. It is an important monastery of the Buddhists and is known for its statues and wall paintings.

Getting Around

Manali is quite well developed and getting around is fairly easy. The public transport system is quite good. There are plenty of buses. You can also move about by renting a car. Car renting services are fairly numerous and comes at a reasonable price. In fact, having a private vehicle at your disposal is the best way to get around and explore Manali.

Places to Stay

Manali has an amazing variety of hotels. Dedpite the high number of rooms in town, in season one can book in advance to ensure the room. 

How to Reach

  • If you prefer to travel by plane, the nearest airport is at Bhuntar Airport. From there, you can either take a taxi or a bus to cover the remaining portion of the journey. Cars for hire are easily available just outside the airport. The distance between Bhuntar Airport and Manali is around 50 km. It is connected to the airport in Delhi.
  • The nearest important railway station is at Chandigarh which is around 250 km from Manali. The rail station at Chandigarh is connected to the station in Delhi and the other stations across Himachal Pradesh. The fare for interstate travel will be between Rs.1600 and Rs.3000 depending on the class you choose to travel in. If you are travelling within the state, the fare will be somewhere between Rs.150 and Rs.300. You can book your tickets from sites like,, and
  • This is the best ways to reach Manali because you can experience the outstanding beauty of nature while the journey takes place. Volvo buses as well as average public buses are available from all prominent places near Manali such as Delhi, Dharamshala, Kullu, Shimla and Leh. The distance from Delhi to Manali is 550 km. You can also hire private cabs or drive your car to Manali for a more comfortable journey.

Surrounding Attractions

There are a number of other things that you can do while visiting Manali. If you are into adventure sports, you can go for paragliding in the Solang valley which is a beautiful green stretch, 13km from Manali where most of the areas adventure activity is centred.

Himalayan Caravan Adventure will take you on a trekking tour and is quite popular amongst the tourists. Also, do not forget to taste the local cuisines; Manali is famous for its food.

The 51km climb up to the 13400 foot high Rohtang Pass is formidable. Rohtang means pile of corpses in Tibetan. Many of these corpses belonged to the hapless residents of the Lahaul Valley beyond which the pass connects to Manali and the rest of India for a few months of the year.



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