Pulicat Bird Sanctuary

The second largest brackish water system in India with a horde of birds belonging to different species flying around its bank. Pulicat Bird Sanctuary is famous for the variety of birds which are found here. Located in the Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, the bird sanctuary here is a well-known hub of various local birds. It also plays host to a large number of migratory birds which come here during winter to seek shelter from the cold. The sanctuary at Pulicat is a popular destination of tourists from various parts of the world not only due to the variety that is seen in the avian population here but also because of the inherent scenic beauty of the place.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit Pulicat Bird Sanctuary is during the months between October and May. This is the time when the migratory birds fly to the sanctuary from various parts of the world. The temperature is also quite moderate.

When to visit

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Things to do

If you are interested in wild life, or to be more specific, in watching birds in their natural habitat, Pulicat Bird Sanctuary should be a must visit location on your itinerary. The sanctuary here attracts tourists from all across the globe for the sheer diversity of avian life form that can be seen here. The prized species of the sanctuary is the Greater Flamingo. This rare species of bird can be seen in the protected area of the forest. Other birds that can be seen here are grey pelican, sea gull, redshank, curlews, stilts, plovers, egrets, sand pipers, herons, lapwings, and kites. The sanctuary is host to around 100 different varieties of birds. Several varieties of migratory birds are also seen around here. Apart from birds, the sanctuary at Pulicat is also quite rich in aquatic life form. There are about 160 species of fishes that are found in the water bodies here. Amongst other life forms that you can see here are crabs, sponges, clams, oysters, mussels, fish worms, insects, snails, spiders, anemone, prawns, and plankton. The lake is the centre around which all these different forms of live have flourished. The area is also known for its mangrove forest. However, the forest area has dwindled in recent years.

Getting Around

Getting around the place is quite easy. The public transport system is quite developed. There are regular buses that connect the place to the nearby cities and towns. Hiking is another very good way to explore the various places. You can also hire cars or rent taxis to take you around. Cars can be rented from the local tourist agencies or rental car services.

Places to Stay

If you are going to visit the Pulicat Bird Sanctuary, the best place for you to stay would be in the Forest Rest House. It has two suites for guests, and is ideal for watching the birds all day long. The rent is quite reasonable and you will also get all the necessary amenities. However, if you are looking for hotels, there are several in the surrounding region.

How to Reach

  • If you prefer to travel by plane, the nearest airport is at Chennai. From there, you can either take a taxi or a bus to cover the remaining portion of the journey. Cars for hire are easily available just outside the airport. The distance between Chennai and Pulicat Bird Sanctuary will take around 5 hours to be covered.
  • The nearest important railway station is atPonneri. The rail station at Ponneri is connected to the station in Chennai and the other statin across the state. The fare for interstate travel will be between Rs.1600 and Rs.3000 depending on the class you choose to travel in. If you are travelling within the state, the fare will be somewhere between Rs.150 and Rs.300. You can book your tickets from sites like irctc.in, makemytrip.com, and yatra.com.
  • The bird sanctuary is quite well connected by road. There are direct bus routes between Chennai and Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. You can get up on a bus from any of the important towns or cities and take a bus which will take you directly to the village of Pulicat. From there you can take a cab to the bird sanctuary. Alternately, you can also rent a taxi or a car for the trip. The Chennai Highway 5 connects the Pulicat Sanctuary to the rest of the state.

Surrounding Attractions

Once you have finished going around the Pulicat Lake, there are several other places that you can visit. The Dutch Church in the area is quite an old one. A relic of the colonial period, the church is distinguished by its architecture and is quite a popular destination amongst the tourists. Fort Geldria is another place to visit. The fort is in quite good condition and attracts a large number of tourists.

Important Numbers

Police: 100

Fire Brigade: 101

Hospital: 102