Located in the Baramula district of Jammu and Kashmir, Gulmarg is a treat for sore eyes. Literally, a meadow of flowers, the town is a one of the most beautiful places on earth and tops the list of the best hill stations in India. Gulmarg, apart from being a beautiful hill station, is also India’s very own ski town with travellers across the country, coming to Gulmarg to ski. With the state bringing local militancy under control, Gulmarg has become one of the most preferred ski destinations in Asia.

Travel Tips

  • Basic ski training must be taken before facing the downward slopes of the snowy mountains.
  • Cheap travel insurance can be done before going for the ski. This is because it is always better to think about the adverse situation handling.
  • Basic first aid like antiseptic liquid, cotton, joint pain creams, and paracetamols and digestion medicines should be taken.
  • Snacks and water is a must because there can be no opportunities for any meal breaks while skiing is going on
  • Ski boots should be worn because these boots are very strong and will not get damaged.
  • People with cardiovascular or respiratory problems should not try out river skiing
  • Pregnant women and individuals below 10 years should not take part in skiing.

When to visit

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • July
  • Aug
  • Sept
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec
sprinkles Very Cold
  • 7.6° Max
  • -1.9° Min
  • 11.8 mm
  • Carry Heavy woollen.

  • Ski Gear Guides: These are ski guiding manuals used for buying the ski equipments. The purpose is to make the purchasers buy the right thing.
  • Ski boots: These ski boots are specially designed so that they fit comfortable on the keys. These boots are tall in height and covers the leg till knee level mostly.
  • Skis: Skiing is not possible without skis. There are different sizes of skis available and one must choose according to the age and health factors.
  • Ski clothing: The ski clothing involves lots of warm clothes which are water proof as well such as ski jackets. The weight of the clothing should not be very heavy because too heavy clothes can hinder the ski process.
  • Helmets: Helmets is a must for skiing because the activity is very dangerous and one can fall down anytime. So the helmet can keep the head protected.
  • Sunglasses: Specialized sunglasses for ski purpose are available. These are important so that no snow or dust particle can enter the eyes because while skiing any particle might enter the eyes.

Things to do

There is a bunch of things you could do when you are in Gulmarg. Sports and adventure enthusiasts will be thrilled at the choice of novel activities the town provides. As mentioned before, Gulmarg is famous for skiing. With gentle slopes for beginners, as well as steep slopes up to 3 km long, this place is the one of the few skiing spots in India. The Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering offers short 10 to 21 day ski training packages for those who are really interested. There are various ski resorts that will offer you all the help and assistance required. Snowboarding is also one of the popular activities in Gulmarg. Travellers can also go for one of the various trekking programs that originate from Gulmarg, ranging from easy, medium to hard adventure treks. Trekking among the beautiful locales and rocky terrains of Gulmarg is both peaceful and exhilarating. And while you are in Gulmarg, you cannot afford to miss the Gulmarg cable car ride, popularly known as the Gondola Ride. The ride is divided into two sections – Gulmarg to Kongdori and Kongdori to Apherwat. The Gondola passes over the pine forests, starting from a height of 2690 m above sea level and rise up to 3090 m while reaching Kongdoor. The ride offers travellers with a view to die for, with the landscapes filled with snow covered mountain ranges, mist and lush greenery. It is an absolute marvel. 

Among picnic spots in Gulmarg, Alpather Lake tops the list with its scenic surroundings, breathtaking altitude and serene, calm water. It is a favorite spot among travellers, who want to just relax alone or with families. If you are willing to go the distance, the Shrine of Baba Reshmi is also an interesting spot to visit. You can take traditional means such as field chutes or sledges to cross the snow and reach the shrine, which is almost five centuries old and still intact in beauty and aesthetic.  The twin Awantiswami temples built back in the 9th century are also worth a visit. One of them has been renovated while the other is in complete ruins, standing as an ode to Lord Shiva. The Golf Course in Gulmarg is an interesting sightseeing option for you, as it is the highest green golf course in the world, and is set apart by its class and elegance.

Getting Around

You can move around within the small town in rented cars that are easily available, or even walk for the most part. The cable car or Gondola is also a fun way to travel around or go to mountain tops and picnic spots. Pony rides are also a great way to cross the snow.

Places to Stay

If you are planning for a luxurious stay, then The Khyber Himalayan resort is your thing, with rooms starting at Rs. 14,500 and above. Apart from such luxury options, there are a lot of good mid ranging hotels that are slightly easier on the pocket. These include The Vintage Gulmarg, Hotel Heevan Retreat, Hotel Hilltop etc and are all in the Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 7,000 price range. Hotels in the Rs.3,500 to Rs. 6,000 include Hotel Khalil Palace, Alpine Ridge, Hotel Fluorescence etc. Budget options include Hotel Nw Zam Zam, Hotel Pine View, Tangmarg etc in the Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 3000 range.

How to Reach

  • Srinagar (56 km) is the nearest airport and has connecting flights to all major cities, with maximum flights to Delhi. Taxi cabs and rental jeeps are easily available outside the airport for reaching Gulmarg. Charges are from Rs. 1,000 - 1,200.
  • Jammu is the closest rail head to Gulmarg (304 km), with connecting trains to and from all major cities in India. Some people also prefer to get off at the Delhi railway station and drive up from there.
  • Gulmarg is well linked by bus services from most of the cities in Jammu and Kashmir. State owned buses and Private tourist deluxe luxury buses are also available to reach Gulmarg from various parts of J&K like Srinagar (Rs 150), Sonmarg (Rs 300) and many other parts of the state.

Surrounding Attractions

Gulmarg being located in the western side of the Himalayas has garland of mountain peaks to make it shine with radiance. The unbelievable natural beauty and the panoramic views are simply breathtaking to watch. Let’s have a look at the tourist attractions in Gulmarg.

  • The Gulmarg Gondola: This is a world famous cable car service run in Gulmarg. It is the highest place where such services are available. This awesome communication system to reach the skiing site of Gulmarg is tremendously memorable because the surrounding views that can be seen from the Gondola are unparalled in beauty and exclusiveness.
  • Khilanmarg: The Gondola ride is available from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg which is a view point situated at much greater heights than Gulmarg. The amount of snow in Khilanmarg is huge and the sunlight falls on the dazzling white snow to create a live dream in the daylight. This place is ideal for taking family snaps.
  • St. Mary’s Church: This is a religious attraction near the Gulmarg skiing destination. It is a beautiful church with lovely architectural exhibit.
  • View points from Gulmarg III: The lush green valley, the scattered group of horses and ponies in the valley is what you can stare at unlimitedly in Gulmarg III. It will appear as if nothing on earth can be as beautiful and appealing as this place.
  • The Dal Lake: If you are ready to visit Srinagar from Gulmarg for sightseeing, then you can enjoy the Shikara ride on the Dal Lake. It’s a unique experience in Kashmir and the water market place in Mina Bazaar is totally exclusive.
Emergency No.

The following emergency numbers must be kept handy every individual who is participating in the skiing activity. It is for their personal safety and also for the benefit of the other members in the group.

Gulmarg Tourist office: +37-1954-254439

Gulmarg Police Station: +91-1954-25542

Tanmarg Police Station: +91-1954-254431

Tanmarg Hospital: +91-1954-254441

Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences: +91-1954-2401013