Lankamalleswaram Wildlife Sanctuary

Lankamalleswaram Wildlife Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh can be the ideal destination for you if you are looking forward to feasting your eyes on wide rolling valleys all around you, covered in dense vegetation, with the animals running freely in the laps of nature. The sanctuary is located in the Eastern Ghats. Altogether, the sanctuary has an area of 353 sq. km. Lankamalleswaram Wildlife Sanctuary forms a part of the biosphere reserves that have been created in different parts of India.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit Lankamalleswaram Wildlife Sanctuary is during the months of winter. The summer is pretty hot and uncomfortable due to tropical weather. Moderately warm garments will suffice to keep you warm as the temperature never falls too much. The local language is a mixture of Tamil, and Telegu. However, people are quite conversant in English as well.

When to visit

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Things to do

Irrespective of whether you are a nature-lover or someone who just wants to take a break from seeing the high-rises all around you, Lankamalleswaram Wildlife Sanctuary cannot fail to charm you. The rolling valleys and the hilly plains are a treat to the eyes. The park is known for the diverse nature of plants and animals that can be found within its boundary. If you are someone who delights in watching birds, this sanctuary is just the place for you. Lankamalleswaram Wildlife Sanctuary plays host to a massive 178 different species of birds. You can catch a glimpse of the Jerdon’s Courser, an avian species which has been declared endangered all over the world.  Some of the commonly sighted birds are Yellow-browed Bulbul, Blue-faced Malkoha, Indian Scimitar-Babbler, Large Hawk-Cuckoo, and Loten's Sunbird. Pompadour Green Pigeon is also commonly sighted. The park is also a hub of various animals. The Asian Elephant has been first seen here after being absent in Andhra Pradesh for nearly 300 years. Spotted Deer, Indian Fox, Jungle Cat, Sloth Bear, Sambhar, Hyena, Mouse Deer, Golden Jackal, Barking Deer, Small Indian Civet, Four-horned Antelope and Wild Boar, leopard, and wild dogs are common sights. The park is also rich in reptilian life form. You can find the Golden Gecko, and Gliding Lizard in the sanctuary. Apart from the fauna, the park is also known for the many flowering plants which adorn its terrain. Altogether, there are 1500 different varieties of plants that can be found in the park.Gymnosperm,Cycas beddomei, Redsanders, Shorea, Thumbergiana, Shorea talura, Terminalia pallida, Sandalwood,Syzygium alternifoliumm, Tamba Jalari, Tella Karakkaya are among the trees that form a large chunk of the forest.

Getting Around

There are frequent state runs buses that you can take to move about the place. Auto rickshaw is another popular mode of travelling. They can charge you on hourly basis as well as fixed rate based on distance travelled. You also have the option of renting cars for the duration of your trip.

Places to Stay

There are several places that you can stay in while visiting Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary. The hotels are all located in and around Kadapa, which is the nearest major city. The hotels are quite reasonably priced and offer good service. If you are looking for something a bit luxurious, you can book your rooms in Shiva Sai Residency, or Guest Inn Lodge. Both the places have all the modern facilities. The rent here for one room for a night is between Rs.1300 and Rs.1600. There are several budget hotels also. Amongst them, you can take a look at Haritha Budget Lodge, and Haripriya Hotel. Renting a room in these hotels is going to cost you around Rs.800 for one night’s stay. You can find cheaper accommodations as well. Places like Blue Diamond Hotel, and Pratap Residency can offer you lodging for Rs.400 per night.

How to Reach

  • This is quite a good way to reach Lankamalleswaram Wildlife Sanctuary. The nearest airport is at Kadapa. Kadapa has flights from Hyderabad and Tirupati. The flights are weekly in nature.
  • The train service is quite well connected and there are frequent trains from different parts of the state to Kadapa. The station is also connected to the stations in Chennai and Mumbai. From the station, you can take an auto rickshaw to the sanctuary. The fare is quite variable. You can get details of train and buy tickets from sites like,, and
  • You can reach the sanctuary by road quite comfortably. There are frequent bus services to the sanctuary from different cities in the state. The bus fares vary according to the type of services they offer. There are luxury ac buses, as well as non-ac buses. However, the best possible route would be to rent a cab from Kadapa which a little above a kilometer away.

Surrounding Attractions

There are plenty of sights to see once you have finished visiting the sanctuary. Bhagaban Mahavir Government Museum is a place of historical interest. The museum houses various ancient relics, and statues some of which date back to 5th century. Gandikota Fort is another popular tourist destination. Sidhout Fort is another famous fort. Built in the 14th century, there are several famous temples inside the fort like Durga Temple, Siddheswara Temple, Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, and the Bala Brahma Temple. Pushpagiri is a nearby tourist spot. It is also known as a pilgrim destination. Ameen Pir Dargah is a religious site and represents the harmony between the different communities.

Important Numbers

Railway Enquiry: 08562 – 241600

Fire Station : 08562 – 242299

Police Station: 100

Medical Emergency: 108