Saranda Sal Forest

A shadowy path going through the middle of the forest, adding to the thrill is the canopy formed over your head by a mixture of brown and green leaves with your feet starting off the rustle of dried leaves - all these experiences are found in abundance inside the Saranda Forest. Located in the Singhbhum District of Jharkhand, the forest at Saranda is one that is known for its sal trees. The name Saranda means ‘seven hundred hills’. While definitely not Rome, Saranda is picturesque in its own way. The forest has a total area of over 800 sq. km. and often rises to a height of 550 m above the sea level.

Travel Tips

Before visiting Saranda, contact the tourism bureaus to get detailed information about the place and its current condition. Also, try to avoid visiting during the holiday seasons as the SAIL guest house, as well as the other few hotels in the region tend to get filled up and it becomes difficult to get accommodation.

When to visit

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Things to do

The most interesting thing that you can do in Saranda is to just walk around in the forest, taking in the beauty of nature, holding a communion with the ancient roots of the world. There are many places to visit in Saranda, but it is the forest which has the most mesmerizing grip on the tourists. While sal trees dominate the terrain, the underbelly of the forest covering is formed by trees like mango, jackfruit, jamun, and piar. These evergreen trees forms a covering of green once the sal trees become bare in the winter. This vast area of greenery is also the abode of a number of animals. Some of the quadrupeds that you are likely to spot while hiking through the forest are wild elephant, bison, chital, and Sambhar. There are several leopards as well. In Saranda, remember to visit Kiriburu and Meghataburu. These twin hills offer an exquisite view of the surrounding regions. From the Kiriburu view point, you can catch a glimpse of the seven hundred hills from which Saranda has derived its name. Another place to visit is the Swapneswar Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Quite close by is the beautiful Pundul Waterfall. In Meghataburu, you can go and visit the iron mining ores. Make sure that you have obtained the necessary permission beforehand! Meghataburu is also the ideal place to witness a beautiful sunset over the forest of Saranda.

Getting Around

The best way to get around Saranda is to have a car at your disposal for the entire duration of the trip. There are not too many public transports. Thus, you have to depend on whatever vehicle you have hired for the trip. You can rent cars from car rental services in Ranchi or Jamshedpur, the rent will be decided on hourly basis. Other than that, you can do a pretty bit of exploration on foot.

Places to Stay

There are not too many places to choose from if you are visiting Saranda and looking for accommodation. The best place to stay is in the SAIL guest houses. There are two SAIL guest houses in Kiriburu. You need to apply for accommodation well in advance if you are to get your lodging there. In case you do not get a reservation there, a few hotels are there in the region to offer you accommodation. Hotel Centre Point, Hotel Siddhartha, Hotel South Park, and Boulevard Hotel are amongst the hotel that you can find nearby. The rent for a room here is not very high. However, the rent may vary depending upon the season when you are visiting.

How to Reach

  • The best way to go to Saranda is by road or by rail or by road. The roads are quite developed and the journey through the forest is quite a scenic one. However, roads are sometimes made inaccessible for security reasons. If you are planning to go there, it will be best to take a train to Barajamda station. The station there is connected to stations in Ranchi, Jamshedpur, and other stations is Jharkhand. Reaching Barajamda is thus quite easy.
  • From there, you can either rent a cab for the journey to Kiriburu, or hire a car for the duration of the trip. You can take a plane if you want to. The nearest airport is at Ranchi, from where the distance to Saranda is over 250 km.

Surrounding Attractions

There are quite a few locations around Saranda that are known for their beautiful landscape. Ligirda Swamp is quite nearby. The place also has quite a few waterfalls which are visited by tourists. Some of the well-known ones are Toybo Falls, and Panchri Falls. Do not forget to visit Jhikra Falls. The waterfall here creates a beautiful rainbow as the water crashes down on to the rocks below. Also, quite nearby is the Murga Mahadev Temple. The temple to Lord Shiva is one of the major tourist attractions.

Important Numbers

D.F.O., Saranda Forest Division, Chaibasa: 06582-259704

Superintendent of Police, West Singhbhum Chaibasa: 06582 - 256305