Palamau Tiger Reserve

Located in the Palamau district in the state of Jharkhand, the tiger reserve at Palamau is the only one of its kind in the entire state. It is one of the nine such tiger projects that have been set up across the country for preservation of this endangered species of animal. The tiger reserve here is part of the national forest at Betla. Spread across a vast area of around 1014 sq. km. the forest here is home to a large variety of animals and birds, many of which are near extinction and cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit Palamau Tiger Reserve is during the months between October and April. The temperature during the period is quite soothing. Carry warm cloths as winter is quite cold around this region. Also prepare to walk around a lot. If you want to stay in the tree houses, apply for accommodation well in advance as they tend to get filled up pretty quickly.

When to visit

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Things to do

The tiger reserve at Palamau is known for the large varieties of animals that can be sighted here at regular basis. The major attraction of the forest is some the rare species of animals as well as birds that call the forest their home. The tiger is one of the major attractions, though the number of tigers here has greatly dwindled in the recent years. Elephants are the other major attraction of the place. There are quite a number of gigantic beasts in the forest at Palamau. Among the other animals that you are likely to spot during a trip to the forest here, the notable ones are leopard, Sambhar, gaur, and wild dogs. Other animals in the forest are cheetal, bison, nilgai, hyena, chausingha, barking deer, monkey, sloth bear, and wolf. Pangolin, four-horned antelope, and Indian Ratel are also seen. It is not only the animals which attract the travellers to Palamau. The landscape here is also one of the major attractions to the tourist. The forest here is known for its deciduous varieties of trees and there are numerous varieties of flowing plants that can be found here. The terrain decorated with majestic trees lining the sides is a welcome sight to tourists coming from urban locations.

Getting Around

Getting around Palamau can be a bit tricky but it is also quite interesting. The best way to explore the place is by walking around. The landscape is quite conducive to taking long walks. There are public transports, but the frequency is quite erratic. You can also rent bicycles from the locals and roam around. If you are planning to go to the nearby towns, you should avail one of the car renting facilities.

Places to Stay

The best place to stay during your trip to Palamau Tiger reserve is in the tree houses that are maintained by the forest authority. The tree houses are in the middle of the forest and are perfect for watching the animals from a vantage point. They are also well equipped food and other necessities. If you want to stay in a hotel, there are several hotels in Daltonganj that you can choose from.

Luxury hotels: (Rs.2700 and upwards)

Hotel Canary:

It is amongst the best known hotels in the region. The hotel provides the guests with all the modern facilities. The hotel has specialty restaurants and round the clock business centre.

Mid-range hotels: (Rs.600 - Rs.800)

Hotel Satyam:

It is a famous hotel in the region. The hotel is known for its clean compound and provides the guests with all the modern necessities.

Highland Inn Hotel:

The hotel provides the guests with comfortable living. There are facilities for arranged trips to the nearby tourist spots.

Hotel Koyel:

The hotel is known for offering quality service to its patrons at a reasonable price. There are various amenities present that are needed for a comfortable stay.

Budget hotels: (Rs.400 - Rs.500)

Aman Rest House:

The hotel offers the guests a home-like environment. There are facilities like transportation facilities.

Hotel Jayshree:

The hotel is known for having amiable staff and offering good service. There are several facilities that make the hotel a popular choice amongst tourists on a budget.

How to Reach

  • In case you decide to opt for a plane journey, you can take a plane to Ranchi, which is the nearest airport. From there, you can cover the remaining 170 km. in a car or cab. The cabs can be hired from outside the airport. You will also get rented cars from there.
  • The nearest important railway station is at Daltonganj. The station at Daltonganj is connected to the stations at Gaya and Ranchi and via them to the rest of the country. You can take a train from any of the major stations across the country to Ranchi or Gaya and from there catch a connecting train to Daltonganj. The fare for the train ride should be in the range of Rs.1500 and Rs.3000 for interstate travels. For train journey within the state, expect it to be between Rs.150 and Rs.300. You can get details of the train and buy your ticket from websites like,, and
  • If you are planning to go to Palamau Tiger Reserve by road, you can do so by renting a car from one of the nearby towns. The place is quite well connected to the rest of the state. There are also buses, both government operated ones and private ones, that you can board to take yourself to the tiger reserve. The towns of Daltonganj, Latehar, and cities of Patna, and Ranchi are all connected to Palamau by road.

Surrounding Attractions

There are several other laces of tourist interest that you should make a note of while going to these parts. The fort at Palamau is quite old and attracts tourists from afar. Also, the region has many beautiful waterfalls that adorn the landscape. Another thing to do is to take one of the jeep rides that give you a tour of the forest.

Important Numbers

Police: 100

Fire Brigade: 101