Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary

Kerala, the state of India is known as the God’s own country because of its pristine greenery covering the state with utmost love and affection. This beauty is enriched by the presence of the wildlife sanctuary which is lying on the south-eastern wide of the Western Ghats covering 49 sq. m space within the state. Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is deriving its name from the river Neyyar. The conservation of wildlife is grown in the area of this river’s drainage basin area covering its tributaries Mullayar and Kallur drainage basins also. This area receives more rainfall than other parts of the nation because of the presence of southwest and northeast monsoon. The sanctuary is the kingdom of nearly 39 species of mammals including leopard, tiger, sloth bear, elephant, barking deer, sambar, nilgiri langur, nilgiritahr, bonnet macaque. This thickly graceful wildlife is bustling by the singing tune of 176 species of birds. 30 species of reptiles and 17 species of amphibians is residing at this sanctuary along with 40 species of fishes in the water of the rivers and dam.The sanctuary has elephant and deer rehabilitation centre to nurture them inside their own territory with care. A crocodile farm composed of 20 mugger crocodile has been set up on the name of the famous Steve Irwin. The green coverage is composed of rare medicinal herbs which cures some of the serious ailments like a magic. The highest point of this sanctuary is Agasthvamalai.

Travel Tips

  • Best time to visit the sanctuary is November to March.
  • Carry light cotton clothes during summer and light woollen clothes during winter in grey shades which can create camouflage.
  • Carry rainproof clothes as a must.
  • Avoid littering the area with plastic bags or chemical materials.
  • Do not create loud noises or talk in loud voice. This will create distraction in the animal’s mind.
  • Avoid going to the area which is restricted.
  • Do not take a stroll or walk in the area by your own.
  • There are food available in the state run canteen. There are state run restaurants also. South Indian foods are available in those places only.
  • Keep off all type of flashes of mobile camera and video camera.
  • Carry repellent creams to avoid the stings of the insects.
  • Carry emergency medicines and kit always.

When to visit

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • July
  • Aug
  • Sept
  • Oct
  • Nov
  • Dec
sprinkles Hot
  • 40° Max
  • 32° Min
  • 23.0 mm
  • Light cottons
Things to do

Those in love with nature and its beauty can take a look at this sanctuary which will be an enchanting experience for sure. A picnic on the side of the Neyyar dam can keep the guests occupied with the alluring charm of the surrounding areas. Boating is available in the lake also. Other than crocodile farm. There is a lion safari organised by the forest department to peer through a look inside the forest coverage where lions are roaming without caring the presence of the guest.

Getting Around

Public buses and private cars are available to take the visitors at this sanctuary.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • Nearest airport is at Thiruvananthapuram which is connected by domestic and international carriers with other major metro cities of world on regular basis.
  • Nearest railway station is at Thiruvananthapuram which is at a distance of 30km only. Trains of Indian railway is connecting this city on regular basis with all other major metro cities of India.
  • Tourists can come via public buses which is available on regular basis from state capital Thiruvananthapuram. Rental cars are available also.

Surrounding Attractions

Other than the sanctuary, the popular attraction of this area is the Neyyar dam and lake. Locals as well as tourists come to this place for picnics.

Important Numbers

Police: 100

Fire: 101

Ambulance: 102