About The Festival

Baisakhi festival is celebrated all over the northern India to mark the arrival of the new month and New Year as per the Hindu calendar. Baisakhi is the first month of the year which marks the starting of summer season also. This festival is celebrated mostly by the Sikh religion followers in the state of Punjab which stipulates the birth of Khalsa also. This has great significance in the Sikhs because Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th Guru inaugurated the foundation of PanthKhalsa in the year 1699 on this day. Farmers celebrate this as the harvesting day or Thanksgiving Day to pay tribute to the Mother Nature who kept the crops out of danger. Hindus and other religion followers celebrates this day as per their own ways also. This is the first day of the New Year to all other Hindu religion peoples too. They celebrates it on their own way.

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Sikh religion peoples celebrates this day by visiting Gurudwara with flowers and other offerings. Processions are organised on road also.Gurudwaras are decorated with lights and they organises 48 hour Akhand Path and bhog for devotees also.

Most Celebrated Places

Punjab is the most celebrated nation in this country. Other than that, several north Indian state’s people celebrates this day also. The people living in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar has other cultural ways to celebrate this day too.

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Time Period

The festival is celebrated mostly on 13th April or 14th April as per the calendar of the Hindu tradition only & Bikram calendar is same.