About The Festival

Lohri is a popular festival celebrated all over the India by the Punjabi people. It is being said that this festival is being celebrated to mark the shortest day and longest night of the year. The main thing of this festivity is the bonfire, which is being lit up to welcome the longest days of the year. Lohriis celebrated as per the Bikrami calendar. MakarSankranti is the next day of Lohri. Punjabis are associated deeply with harvesting. Many believe Lohri as a harvest festival also. Though the crops are not harvested this time. But this is considered as auspicious day when new agricultural tenancies commence and the due rents are collected also.

Travel Tips

  • Wear saree or Indian attires during the festival.
  • It is a festival of Hindus. But all region’s people can join this festivity.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.
  • If possible learn and know more about this occasion from a local resident or people.
  • Punjabis are known for their celebration and dance style. Join them to get all the flavours of this occasion.
  • Eat Punjabi dishes like Sarson da Saag, Makkiki Roti and Lassi during this time.

When to visit

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Children in groups go door to door by singing folklores of the region. They collects sweets, savouries and money also. This is called Lohri. A bonfire is being organised during the night. Bonfire depends on the region. Some builds an image of the God with mud and sticks. Some makes the fire by using cow dung, wood and etc.  The Lohri collected by the children are distributed during this bonfire. A gathering is organised at the prime points of the region where groups of people can join.

Most Celebrated Places

Punjab is the dominating state where Lohri is celebrated by all. People living in other parts of the country like Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh celebrates this festival also.

How to Reach

Time Period

Lohriis celebrated in the month of Paush on the 13th January every year. Because the Sun enters into Capricorn on 14th January on most of the times.