Chhat Puja

In Patna, thousands gather along the embankment of the Ganga, at the break of dawn, to pray to Surya, the sund of God. The gour day festival of Chhath Puja involves plenty of fasting, feasting and dips in the holy waters of the River Ganga. Fasting is an important aspect of this festival as it is considered purification ritual. Chhath Puja or Srya Sashthi occurs six days afer Diwali in the Kartik month (October - November) of the Hindu calender. 

It is considered to be one of the oldest forms of nature worship, Chhath Puja is mentioned in the Rig Veda as well as the Mahabharata. In the later, Draupadi, the wife of the Pandava brothers, is advised by SAge Dhaumya to perform he puja in order to help the Pandavas regain their Kingdom.

It is believed that the festival also honours Suryas wo wives - Usha and Protyusha, with the former being referred to as Chhath Maiya (mother goddess). While Usha means the first morning rays, Pratyusha means the last rays of the sun. Prayers are therefore offered both at sunrise and sunset during the festival.

In Bihar, Hindi language used for educational and official matters.

Travel Tips

Wear saree or Indian attires during the festival.

It is a festival of Hindus. But all region’s people can join this festivity.

Avoid hurting the sentiments of the religion by commenting or doing any illicit unnecessary behaviour.

If possible learn and know more about this occasion from a local resident or people.

If possible take a dip at river Ganga during this auspicious time.

Wear something colourful and shiny. The dominating colours are shades of red and orange.

Eat the savours made in the households for the purpose of puja.

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Things to do

The first day of the festival, known as Nahai Kahi, sees devotees aking dips in the Ganga and offering prayers o the sun god. they then return from the ghat and clean their houses and surroundings to rid them of evil.

The second day is called Kharna, when devotees onserve an anhydrous fast from surise till sunset. The fast is broken after the evening prayers, by conusming the prasad, which consists of Kheer served with chapatis, and pua.

Vratins observe a day-long fast after taking a holy dip in the Ganga river and chanting hymns for the sun god.

Females vratins break their fast with thekua and return home to perform Kosi.

A mandap is set up, in the middle of which a miniature elephant toy is kept and colourful rangolis are made around it.





Getting Around

BSRTC provides to the people of Bihar a fully integrated pro-active transport system and infrastructure which would optimally meet the articulated as well as latent needs.

Places to Stay

Most hotels have restaurants offering international cuisine. The best food options are offered by the makeshift tents that come up near the complex in December - February. They specialise in Japanese and Tibetan cuisine, besides a variety of snacks, veg and tofu dishes.

How to Reach

  • Nearest Airport is Gaya, connected but not only daily to Kolkata. Patna airport is better connected to all metros and many cities.
  • Nearest rail head is Gaya Junction well connected to Patna, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Road from Patna, NH83 to Bodhgaya via Jahanabad, Belaganj and Gaya.

Surrounding Attractions

The best place to witness the festivities of Chhath is in Patna. This ancient city has several other attractions as well.

Situated in the heart of the city is the Patna museum, which was constructed in 1917. Influences of Mughal architecture are evident in the building. golghar, near Gandhi Maidan, is another atraction in the city. It was commissioned y Captain john  Gastin in 1786 to be used as a granery.

Agam Kaun dates back to the period of Mauryan empero Ashoka, who is said o have construted it to torture people.

Sanjay Gandhi Botanical garden, and Indira Gandhi planetorium are other attractions in Patna.

In its outskirts, Bodhgaya, Rajgiri and Nalanda are must see locations which can be covered in a day.

A congested town on the Ganga, Patna for now holds its treasures in its museums. The State museum displays masterpieces like the Didarganj Yakshi. 

The Kudabaksh Library has Persian and Arabic manuscripts, illustrated Qurans and Mughal miniatures.


Emergency No.

Polie : 100

Fire: 101

Ambulance: 102

Child helpline: 1098