Ayurvedic treatments in Gujarat

The ancient herbal treatment processes of India which is renowned as Ayurveda, is something which has taken a blonde shape in Gujarat. There are several ayurvedic treatments centres in Gujarat that provide detailed treatment along with yoga classes to catalyze the therapies. They also provide training sessions in ayurvedic treatments. These treatments processes are not very expensive but still they work wonders in cutting even the chronic diseases. The best part about these ayurvedic therapies is that they have no side effects. If money is not a problem for you then you can also go for long term packages of health and beauty treatments in the ayurvedic spa centres in Gujarat.

Travel Tips

  • Carry enough of sunscreen and definitely an umbrella when you are planning to be in Ahmedabad because the blazing sun on the beaches can make you tanned.
  • Carry medicines for digestion because the change of weather and food habits in Ahmedabad can give you stomach upsets.
  • You must practice having vegetarian food before visiting Ahmedabad because most of the food habits here is with the greens.
  • Carry a camera with you because you will find ample places for photography.

Drink mineral water because the water may not suite you.

When to visit

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  • 1 mm
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Types Of Therapy

Shirodhara: This is a treatment applied to the forehead for the purpose of stress release. Warm medicated oils or butter milk are poured on the fore head for a period of 45 to 60 minutes continuously. It revitalizes the Central Nervous System and releases deep seated mental trauma.3000 INR starting

Abhyanga: This is a complete body massage with the help of ayurvedic oil mixtures followed by a medicated steam bath. It rejuvenates the entire body and restores energy. The dead cells and toxins are removed in the process and as a result, one gets a glowing skin brimming with vitality.3000 INR starting

Netra Tarpana: This is a treatment which is specific to the eyes. Here, the eyes are massage with pure cow’s ghee.  This treatment cures chronic conjunctivitis, burning sensation in the eyes, corneal ulcer and many other eye related dysfunctions.3000 INR starting

Sweda: This is a special herbal massage that is blended with special steam treatments. This helps in removal of cellulite and cleaning the body from the toxins. It improves the skin health as well.3000 INR starting

Navarakizhi: This is a special type of massage therapy where a specific category of rice is cooked and put in the form of boluses inside cotton cloth pieces. Then these are dipped in medicated mixture of hot milk and rubbed on the body. This heals body aches and exerts a complete rejuvenation to the body.3000 INR starting

Shiroabhyanga: This is a fantastic massage for the head, neck and shoulders. It is done with the use of special herbal oils. It heals dandruff, hair loss and anxiety.3000 INR starting

Centres / Hospitals

Ayurveda Kensville

Location: Dev Dholera Village, Opp. Lane of Sahyog Restautant, Bavla RajKot Highway, Ahmedabad

Contact no: +91-8980099922

Facilities available:  Every kind of Ayurvedic therapies for both internal and external heath care, training on Ayurveda and Yoga classes

Maharshi Atreya Health Care

Location:  Undera Koyali Rd, Vadodara-391330

Contact no: +91-9327219418

Facilities available:  Every kind of Ayurvedic therapies for both internal and external heath care, training on Ayurveda and Yoga classes

Ayulink Ayurveda Hospital

Location: Silver Spring, behind Xavier’s Ladies Hostel, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

Contact no: +91-079-2600-6025

Facilities available:  Every kind of Ayurvedic therapies for both internal and external heath care, training on Ayurveda and Yoga classes

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • The Ahmedabad Airport is the airport to land on when you want to reach the city. There are excellent local transport services to take you to the hotels or the treatment centres from the airport.
  • Via railways, Ahmedabad Junction is the railway station you can reach. Frequent trains from all metro cities of India are available to the Ahmedabad Junction. Innumerable cabs and buses are available to reach anywhere in the city from the railway station.
  • Ahmedabad is well connected to the surrounding regions via bus services. From Volvo to average luxury buses, everything is available at affordable rates. There are plenty of cabs with both AC and non AC facilities.

Surrounding Attractions
  1. Sabarmati Ashram:This is a beautiful place to visit which has the memories of the Great Mahatma Gandhi.
  2. Auto World Vintage Museum:This is a fantastic museum to watch in Ahmedabad. Its a wonderful collection of vintage cars.
  3. Kankaria LakeThis is a huge lake in Ahmedabad. It’s a complete chill out place during the evenings when the lights shine around the entire lake area.
  4. Adalaj Step Well:This is actually a water reservoir of the ancient times. It is like a palace with innumerable steps that lead to the place of water conservation.
  5. Ahmed Shah’s Mosque: This is a beautiful mosque built is 1414 AD. It has brilliant architectural work.
  6. Akshardham temple:This is one of the most renowned temples in India. It is made up of pink sandstone.
  7. The Law garden: this is a public garden in Ahmedabad which is more of a market place. You can have a great shopping experience here if you have good bargaining skills.
Emergency No.

  • Police: 100
  • Ambulance: 102
  • Fire-Brigade: 101