Rafting Brahmaputra
Travel Tips

Every rafting trip is always accompanied by an expert. These experts are provided by the tourism companies itself. They are trained professionals who know exactly what to do during times of emergencies. A safety briefing is given to everyone before the rafting experience commences.

There are some precautions that need to be taken before one opts for a rafting experience:

There is a strict age restriction that is followed while rafting. People below the age of 10 or above the age of 65 are strictly prohibited from water rafting. Prohibitions also extend to people having heart problems or epilepsy. White water rafting is an immensely adventurous sport. People with the above conditions will not be able to bear the weight of the excitement. Also, pregnant women are not allowed on these rafting trips.

Strict precautions must be taken before going white water rafting. One should never go rafting alone and definitely never during the night. Rafting requires quite a bit of skill, but even so, it is dangerous. An expert should always be taken as company. Disasters are always unprecedented, thus taking precaution is always a smart option.

For rafting, the river is always divided into a number of grade classifications. One should have a complete idea of these grades before going water rafting. Grade one is labelled to the easy water where rafting isn’t much of a challenge. Grade two’s water is slightly competitive water. Grade three has quite turbulent waves and needs an expert to be able to raft. Grade four has very powerful waves and needs high skills of manoeuvring. Grade five is said to be difficult for even experts. Grade six has the most powerful and turbulent waves and is not fit for water rafting.

 Everybody should also be well versed with the local white water regulations.

One should drink plenty of liquid before, during and after rafting. Most importantly, one should never be intoxicated before or during white water rafting. One should be completely sober and must not drink any alcohol before at least six hours before rafting.

White water rafting is an immensely exhausting sport but one should keep in mind to never drag the paddle. This will cause the raft to tilt on one side until eventually it tips over.

Necessary things to be carried: One should always carry a first aid kit and dry bags with spare dry clothes and sneakers in it. A bottle of water is also a requirement while rafting.

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Route/ Place

White water rafting is a very famous sport in the North India. Brahmaputra is one of the few rivers that can offer a very exciting rafting adventure. People from far and wide come to Assam to raft over the Brahmaputra River.

White water rafting consists of quite a few courses. These include the routes along Kameng (Seppa- Bhalukpung), Subansiri (Taliha- north of Dapolijo), Siang (the entire course) and Dibang (Anini- Assam border). The rafting trips on Brahmaputra occur on completely different extends. This includes the Turting- Pasighat route through the Dibrugarh.

In Assam, Brahmaputra and its turbulent tributaries like the Manas, Jia Bhoroli and Kapili offer perfect water for water rafting. The rapids are very fierce and thus extremely adventurous.


While water rafting, there are a few equipments that are an absolute must.

An inflatable raft and carbon paddles are the basic and most important equipments needed during water rafting. Both of these equipments should be sturdy and should be checked frequently before going for rafting.

The next most important things while rafting are a helmet, strapped fittingly to the chin and a life jacket. Water proof bags are also carried during the experience so as to keep gadgets like cameras. One should also carry an extra set of clothes and sneakers in dry bags.

Expedition tents are used in the cases of overnight water rafting experiences. These tents are extremely spacious and sturdy. They are made in a way so that they can withstand extremely harsh weather.

Every raft also carries flip bags and rescue bags. These are used in the desperate situation when a person has fallen off the raft.

For emergency purpose, every raft also carries a repair kit and a first aid kit.

Places to Stay

Rafting that extend over one day usually has a plan of camping on one of the beaches that line the river. These camps are extremely adventurous. The tourism company that one hires for the tour usually sets all the places to stay beforehand. This is so as to not make any delays.

High rated hotels: Few of the best hotels in Assam close to the Brahmaputra include the Hotel Brahmaputra Ashok. It is located close to the Brahmaputra, has one of the best user reviews and is ranked 12th in the entire Guwahati region. It ranges from around 4500- 15000 Rs depending on the choice of rooms.

Facility: This hotel offers multi lingual staff and currency exchange facilities. Banks and ATMs are on a walking distance. This hotel also has a mini-bar and in-house parking. There is central air conditioning and each room is well equipped with a colour television and international direct dialling call service.

Middle rated hotels: The Ginger Guwahati is located in the HM campus. It offers a very comfortable living at the price of around Rs 2500.

Facility: It room has a colour television and direct dialling call system. The rooms are air conditioned with a mini fridge and Wi-Fi networks.

Low hotels: The Arya Inn is located at the heart of the bustling city. The cost of living in this hotel can be fulfilled by Rs 1500 only.

Facility: The hotel is very close to the sea shore and has well air conditioned rooms. They also have a colour TV, a telephone and a doctor on call.

How to Reach

  • The nearest airport to the Brahmaputra river side is the Guwahati airport. There is a distance of 15 km in between the Brahmaputra River and the Guwahati airport.
  • The Guwahati train station junction is the nearest to the Brahmaputra river. It is located only 4 km away from the river.
  • One could reach the Brahmaputra river side in the Kachari Ghat in Guwahati by any vehicle from the city.

Surrounding Attractions

Assam also has to offer few of the most beautiful sights in India.

The Majuli Island is situated in the middle of the river Brahmaputra. It is one of the largest river islands in the world. Majuli is also famous for harbouring over 15 Vaishnava monasteries or Sataras.

Agnigarh is one of the must- see places in Assam. It is located in Tezpur and is reputed to offer a spectacular view of the Brahmaputra and Tezpur.

While visiting Assam, one should also visit the Manas and the Kaziranga national parks. Both these parks harbour a wide variety of animals and birds. It offers a view of few of the most spectacular flora and fauna. Both of these parks are world heritage sites.

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Ambulance: 102, 108

Fire station: 101