Trekking in Ladakh
Travel Tips

Camp booties: For a warm and cozy trekking and night staying in camp, this stuff is highly needed.

Sleeping bag liner: Fleece, silk or cotton liner in your sleeping bag will offer you a tranquil sound sleep at night after a tiresome trekking.

Good sandals or camp shoes: Tevas sandals are necessary while trekking in Ladakh. Apart from crossing over several small rivers, it will give a casual and slouchy plush to your feet in the camp.

Socks: Good quality cotton mix sports socks should also be included in your list of important equipments.

  • Some compulsory articles that you must carry during trekking are gumboots, warm sleeping bags, sufficient battery backups, mineral water, enough nutrient snacks and dry fruits, extra pair of socks, metal bottle, wind pants, trekking pants, nightwear thermals etc.
  • Among first-aid equipments, you must take along few band-aids, basic medications like assimilation pills, acetaminophen tablets, anti-nausea tablets etc.
  • Some basic contents like lip balms, moisturizers, sun screen with extra SPF etc. should also not be forgotten.
  • Last but not the least, you must not forget the fact that the persons with respiratory or heart diseases should not be taken to the trip.

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Route/ Place

Placed amidst spectacular mountain gulfs of Himalaya and Karakoram, Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir is fraught with myriad trekking slots offering collective stupendous experiences to the trek lovers across the world. The raucous, yet stunning trekking trails not only offer a great excitement and thrill to the adventure loving tourists across the world, but also fill their wallet with loads of unforgettable memoirs. The astounding beauty of the mountain alleys serve as the great resource of glowing stimulation and titillation to the trekkers and the sublime sceneries here make the enjoyers savor it not only for the time being, but also happen to be a great asset to lend an exquisite feeling long after they complete trekking.

Frozen river trek

Frozen river trek or Chadar trek on frozen Zanskar River is the most appealing and electrifying affair in Ladakh. ‘Chadar’ which originally means blanket delegates the wholesome ardor of remarkable and staggering experience rich with sensational beauties. Zanskar, one of the vicious and forceful rivers in Jammu & Kashmir, gets heavily frozen it the winter and presents itself as a wonderful trekking terrain to the awaiting trekkers.

The trekking routes-

 Tilit Sumdo- Markhala: It’s a six hours trekking route on the frozen path of the river. There are quite a few numbers of halts where you can stop and repose a bit. Some summoning caves are also there which can also turn out to be your resting place at night!

Markhala to Tip Yokma: It is also a six hours trekking trail where you may have to stop walking occasionally depending on the thickness of the chadar and start trailing on the rocks. The overnight stay in camps will surely be an amazing experience to collect.

Tip Yokma to Nirik Pullo: In this seven hours long walking path you can frequently visit deep gorges while tracking through frozen ice falls. There are around ten caves in this route and people use them as a spot to lit fire and make tea, coffees or omelets. At nights, camp fires are also arranged to give enough warmth to the trekkers.

Nirik Pullo to Lingshed: It’s a five to six hours steep trekking to the Lingshed village, the altitude of which is 4000 meters and can only be accessed by chadar trek. It is one of the far off villages in the Ladakh region and completely remains secluded for its ‘off the beaten track’ nature.

Linghsed to Tsarak Do: In this way, you can find the famous Lingsed Monastery, a real worshipping place for Tibetan Budhhhists. It also takes around seven hours to complete the trail.

Tsarak Do to Pidmo: It’s a five hours long journey on the ice where you will find The Old King’s Palace and the village of Zangla.

Places to Stay

As countless tourists throng over Ladakh so, there are multiple hotels of various ranges and they cater to the great fascination and allurement of the trekkers.

Hotels of low range- If you are looking for a cheap, but cozy staying accommodations in Ladakh then the options like Atisha Guest house, Hotel Padmaling Greenland Hotel, Asoka Guest house, Palace View Guest House can assist you to a considerable magnitude.

Hotels facilities: Despite being budget hotels, they are renowned for offering friendly and cordial services. The intriguing interior along with the delicious food will hardly make you feel away from your own living abode.

Room Tariff: The rates of these hotels range from INR 300 to 500 per day.

Hotels of medium range- Some accommodations like these that can come to your aid are namely Padma Guest House and Hotel, Lasermo Hotel, Cho Place Hotel, The Leh Chen Hotel, Omasia Hotel, Lotus Hotel, Lingzi Hotel etc.

Hotels facilities: These residencies are quite famous for delegating a compact yet pleasing service to the travelers. Starting from room heaters to cozy blankets, slippers, decorated mattress; everything will be there to make the tourists experience a splendid stay-in after a tiresome trekking for few days.

Room Tariff: The rooms of these hotels range from Rs. 3000- 5000.

Hotels of high rates- Such hotels include Hotel Ladakh Sarai, Hotel Grand Dragon, Hotel Druk etc.

Hotel facilities: These lodges are full of modern amenities and apart from offering AC rooms, the other special traits that make these hotels distinctive in the very region are namely internet facilities, personal fridge in the rooms, bathrooms with latest and contemporary designs etc.

Room Tariff: These hotels charge around Rs. 10,000 per day.

How to Reach

  • A daily flight service is available from Delhi to Leh. A 1026 km distance is covered by Go India, Air India and Jet Airways on a regular basis. But if you are planning for the trip, then itâs worth suggesting that you should book the tickets in advance, as itâs going to lessen the prices to a great extent. Fleeting through variegated unraveled mountain peaks will give a wholesome remarkable feeling to kick start the journey.
  • For reaching Ladakh, you can use railways, although. 700 km away from Ladakh, Jammu Tawi is the nearest rail station here. Getting there you can easily book seats in a JKSRTC bus or take a cab to Ladakh.
  • A regular bus service is available from J & K to Ladakh. If you want to reach Ladakh from Manali, Himachal Pradesh (214 km), then also HRTC buses are there to provide a comfortable service.

Surrounding Attractions

Apart from the trekking trail on The Frozen River, there are also enough charismas in Ladakh that are enough to make you spellbound and riveted.

  • Pangong Lake: Ranked as number one attraction in the city of Ladakh, Panagong Lake offers picturesque scenery to the multitudinous tourists. Encircled by wide range of mountains, this lake has clear water to bewitch you with.
  • Leh Palace: Constructed in the same way the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet has been made, the Leh Palace in Ladakh has a great charm and appeal to proffer with. Established by the king Sengge Namgyal, this artifact has been fabricated in 17th century.
  • Shanti Stupa: Erected and built by a ‘Peace Sect’ of Japanese Buddhists, Shanti Stupa is centered in the Leh district that projects variegated glittering and gleaming fascias that say of intriguing tales related to the life of great Buddha.

Thiksey Monastery: It’s a renowned Buddhist monastery having the footfalls of scores of visitors from every corner of the world.

Emergency No.

Police head quarter Jammu: 91-9419886483

Leh police station: 91-1982254881

Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre: 91-1982264155

Jammu & Kashmir fire station- 0194-2455061