Surat Bhawan Palace

This 19th century Indo-Sarasenic architectural brilliance is situated at the LakhimpurKhiri district of Indian state Uttar Pradesh. The Dudhwa National Park is nearby this palace. This palatial residence of Singhai dynasty is spread over an area of 9 acre. The palace is close to the India-Nepal border also. Presently, this is offering luxurious staying in this area. Traveller can enjoy the view of the Himalayan ranges from the roof of the palace. Several renowned guests like Duke of Connaught, Prince of Wales, viceroys of India and Maharajas of other Indian states stayed at this palace. This heritage site is near to the Frog temple and the Tharu tribe’s settlements. These two are considered as heritage sites too.

During the regime of the earlier era, this palace was constructed within a year. The two storeyed palace is offering ten bedrooms, one lounge at each floor and a large dining room with pantry store. Raja Akshya Shah and Rani Bibha Singh are the present owners of this palatial palace. This heritage building is not in a good condition now and in a need of immediate restoration work. The area around the palace is rich of flora and fauna.

Travel Tips

The climate of this region is of extreme kind. The summers are too hot and the winters are too cold. It is best to avoid visiting this area during rainy season. Because it is difficult to live during that time. The rainfall per year is 1,600 mm. so, the best time to visit is November to February. Light woollen clothes are important during that time. Tourists must follow the guidelines of visiting the forest. They should wear light green or muddy brown coloured clothes to camouflage themselves during their visit. Any loud noise, unnatural activity, cruel behaviour should be avoided also. They must not disturb the nature.

When to visit

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sprinkles Pleasant
  • 30° Max
  • 23° Min
  • 15.8999 mm
  • Light clothes
Things to do

SuratBhawan Palace is close to the Dudhwa National Park, within a distance of 8 kilometres. So, the best thing to do during the stay is safari. The forest is bursting with swamp deer, leopards, rhinos, Bengal florican, hog deer, bark deer, and most importantly tigers. This forest has the dense population of the tiger clan who are not easy to spot due to the dense forest area. Bird watchers will have a good time because of the high number of bird’s species present in this area. More than 400 species of birds can be spotted here. There are 16 species of reptiles, 38 species of mammals living in this area. So, a drive through the forest core area will be a lifetime adventure for everyone. Fishing in the nearby river will be a great experience also. Because there are 90 species of fish identified till now. The area has rich craftsmanship in handicrafts. There is an old tennis court available in the palace area. Golf, billiards are available in the palace. Trekking, camping can be enjoyed on the outskirts of the Dudhwa forest, preferably inside the palace complex.

Getting Around

The place is standing at the rural side of India. So there are not many options in transportation availability for the travellers present in this area. Private cars and jeeps can be hired to visit the forest.

Places to Stay

  • Luxurious accommodation

Surat Bhawan Palace

Chandra Bhawan, 13, Gokhle Marg,

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India – 226001

Phn: 0522 - 2206547

Facilities: Air conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, dining facility, travel assistance, tour guide, and rural handicrafts.

Tariff: The price range per night varies. One may contact to know about the tariff.

  • Mid-range accommodation

There are no other accommodation facilities available in this region. One can stay nearby Palia or in the forest rest houses of Dudhwa National Park.

  • Budgeted accommodation

There are no other accommodation facilities available in this region. One can stay nearby Palia or in the forest rest houses of Dudhwa National Park.

How to Reach

  • One of the major airport nearby the region is situated at state capital Lucknow. It is 182 km away. All the major cities of India are well-connected with this airport. Domestic flights are available on daily basis. A small airstrip is present in Palia which is 22 km away only. The airport of Nepal is within a distance of 35 km from the palace.
  • Closest railheads are at Dudhwa, Palia and Belrain. They are 4 km, 20 km and 10 km away only. Trains of Indian railway are connecting this place with other parts of India on daily basis.
  • There are private buses available from Palia, Bareilly, and Delhi. One can hire private cars from Lucknow to come to this place also.

Surrounding Attractions

The main attraction other than the palace is Dudhwa National Park which is renowned for its storage of several endangered species. Tigers, birds, reptiles and fishes can be seen during the visit. Frog temple is another closest attraction which is one of its kind in India. It has derived its name from the lower portion of the stone built temple which is of frog shape. This terai region of forest is known for the flora and fauna also.Nearby villages are offering rich handicraft items which is unique in nature.

Important Numbers

Police: 100

Fire: 101

Emergency: 102