Kumayun Sking
Travel Tips

  • Basic ski training must be taken before facing the downward slopes of the snowy mountains.
  • Cheap travel insurance can be done before going for the ski. This is because it is always better to think about the adverse situation handling.
  • Basic first aid like antiseptic liquid, cotton, joint pain creams, and paracetamols and digestion medicines should be taken.
  • Snacks and water is a must because there can be no opportunities for any meal breaks while skiing is going on
  • Ski boots should be worn because these boots are very strong and will not get damaged.
  • People with cardiovascular or respiratory problems should not try out river skiing
  • Pregnant women and individuals below 10 years should not take part in skiing.

When to visit

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sprinkles Very Cold
  • 27° Max
  • -3° Min
  • 7 mm
  • Woollen
Route/ Place

Kumayun, located in Uttaranchal is a reservoir of natural beauty. Being surrounded by the Himalayas, it gets covered by thick snow every winter and serves as an ideal place for skiing. Munsiyari is the place for skiing in Kumayun and is situated at a height of 2135 m.  It is located at a distance of 66 km from Jauljibi and also 127 km away from Pithoragarh. Munsiyari plays the role of the Gateway to Johar Region and it is also the base of the trekking expedition to Namik, Ralam Glaciers and Milan. Betulidhar and Khalia top are the two high altitude regions which are fabulous for skiing.


  • Ski Gear Guides: These are ski guiding manuals used for buying the ski equipments. The purpose is to make the purchasers buy the right thing at right prices.
  • Ski boots: These ski boots are specially designed so that they fit comfortable on the skis. These boots are tall in height and covers the leg till knee level mostly. Thus the fitting is tight and comfortable
  • Skis: Skiing is not possible without skis. There are different sizes of skis available and one must choose according to the age and health factors.
  • Skiing sticks: Skiing sticks are required for dragging yourself forward or putting a brake on your motion.
  • Ski clothing: The ski clothing involves lots of warm clothes which are water proof as well such as ski jackets. The weight of the clothing should not be very heavy because too heavy clothes can hinder the ski motion.
  • Helmets: Helmets are a must in skiing because there are high chances of falling down forcefully on the snows. Thus with the helmets on, one can be assured about saving the skull from injuries.
  • Sunglasses: Specialized sunglasses for ski purpose are available. These are important so that no snow or dust particle can enter the eyes because while skiing any particle might strike the eyes giving rise to eye problems.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • The Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport to Kumayun and it is located at a distance of 157 km from it. So after landing in the airport, you can hire a cab or a bus to Kumayun. It will take you around 2 hours to reach the destination.
  • The nearest railway station to Kumayun is Kathgodam. It is placed at approximately 120 km from Kumayun. Buses and taxis are readily available from the railway station to Kumayun. The rates are varied according to the type of vehicle selected.
  • Kumayun is directly accessible with the roadways and mostly the tourists prefer bus services or cabs to make the journey to Kumayun from the surrounding regions. The nearest town from Kumayun is Almora which is located at a distance of 30 km from Kumayun and frequent buses are available from there to Kumayun. Nainital is 96 km and Delhi is 410 km from Kumayun. There are different types of buses available for the trip to Kumayun from these cities.

Surrounding Attractions

Kumayun being located in the foothills of the Himalayas is not only an ideal skiing spot but it is also an excellent holiday destination. There is a lot to explore in Kumayun and the luster of the snow capped mountains dotted with conifers provides lifetime scenery to watch. Let us have a look at the different sightseeing in Kumayun and Munsiyari regions.

  • Naini Lake: This is a beautiful fresh water lake in Nainital of Kumayun region. The main stream which feeds this lake is Balia Nala. Some other perennial rivers also feed this lake with fresh waters. The view of this lake amidst the surrounding mountains looks like picture of dreams.
  • Nanda Devi Temple: This 1000 year old temple in Almora is dedicated to Goddess Nanda and Sunanda. This temple possesses the architecture of the unique Kumayuni style and thus reflects the cultural picture of the Kings of old times.
  • Jim Corbett national Park: This is a very renowned wild life sanctuary of India which houses the famous man eater tigers and beautiful deer. The name of this park is sourced from the name of the writer Jim Corbett who wrote the book on “Man eaters of Kumayun”.
  • Panchachuli Glaciers: This is a very attractive view pint in Kumayun that offers a group of snow capped peaks stretching over a vast area. It’s an ideal place for photography.
  • Bhimtal Lake: This is the largest lake in Kumayun and is located at 1371 meters above the sea level. The waters are crystal clear and look spectacular in the nestling of the huge mountains all around.
Emergency No.

The following emergency numbers must be kept with every individual who is participating in the skiing activity. It is for their personal safety and also for the benefit of the other members in the group.


Hospital: 102


Police: 100


Fire extinction services: 101