Salar Jung Museum

The place to preserve the sword of Aurangzeb, SalarJung is one of three national museums of India. This museum is built by the personal collection of SalarJung III who held the most number of collectibles in the history of India. Some people terms this city as the land of Kohinoor. Because Kohinoor was extracted from this city. Wardrobe of Tipu Sultan, jade crafted daggers of Jahangir, Shah Jahan are holding the central attraction of the museum. The ancient collection of Qurans written in silver and gold are one of the best collectibles of SalarJung museum also. There is a room of full of Clocks which offers great visual delight to the tourists.

Though disparagingly dismissed as Salar Junk because of the erratic qulatity and haphazard display of the exhibits, the museum is amazing because it houses one of the largest collections put togeher by an individual, in this case Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, better known as Salar JungII.

Salar Jang served as prime minister to Nizam Osman Ali khan for 14 years before resigning to concentrate on his collection. The exhibits include paintings, miniatures, furniture and sculptures procured by him from the Far East, India, West Asia, Africa and Europe.

Telugu is the official language spoken in this region.


Travel Tips

Hyderabad is a conservative city. So one must avoid wearing skimpy clothes while visiting the religious places. It is mandatory to remove shoes at the places where you are required to. Do not carry loads of money within you during the city tour. Instead have some small notes for usage. For travelling one can find AC taxis and autos around all the area. Rickshaws are available at few places only.

The atmosphere of Hyderabad is dry and sunny. So one must carry sunglasses and sunscreens during their day outings. Taking a bottle of water is important because there are places where you cannot find a drop of water. This land locked metro city of India is in short of water supply. So travellers may experience water crisis if the sun is too bright. All the road trips are incomplete without dust. Because of the rocks in and around the city, the roads are full of dusts. So cover your nose if you are allergic to it.

Entry fee for Indian Rs. 10, children Ra.5, foreigners for Rs.150. Timings between 10am-5pm.

Fridays closed.

Cameras not allowed.

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Things to do

Those in love with history will get quite a chance to explore this land of Nizams and QutubShahis. The city is divided into two fractions. They are –old city and new city. Old city is populous in comparison with new city. It has various fun places which attracts high volume of tourists. One can try their hand in rock climbing training. A good binocular may give you the view of the birds in the region. The rickshaw ride in and around the Charminar is quiet amazing. Narrow lanes, multiple hawkers, colourful items are an experience of lifetime. This area is known as shopper’s paradise. Colourful glittery clothes, handcraft bangles and ornaments, white pearls will make you shop for sure.

One may need a whole day to explore the SalarJung Museum for sure. The heavy load of items and their history will make you stay until you get all the information. Golconda Fort is an amazing place for trekking lovers who want to know the fort in details. There are boastful of points in the fort which can make you awe-inspiring for sure.

Ramoji film city is full of activities. Other than knowing the ways of film making, one may find amusement parks inside the park. Fake airports, palaces, roads will make you laugh out loud without any stopping. The parks around the lake is quiet a famous hotspot among the evening strollers. The shows organized here are known to boost your ideas about the city.

Getting Around

Hyderabad is a developed metro city. tourists will not experience any problems during their stay because of wide number of transportation options. Public buses, private buses, taxis, meter autos, hired cars, local trains are available for any commuters. Rickshaws are available in the old city area, near Charminar. AC taxis are available in the city. tourists need to call the numbers to book the AC taxis.

Places to Stay

So many hotels of mid range, high range and low range are available.

How to Reach

  • Rajiv Gandhi International airport is present in the outer part of the city. The Ring road is connecting the airport with the city. It is well-connected by domestic flights with the other metro cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata.
  • Hyderabad is connected with three major railheads. They are Secunderabad railway station, Kachiguda railway station and Hyderabad railway station. It is connecting all the major parts of india.
  • Several National Highways of India are connecting the city with Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and other major southern cities. Volvo buses are available for the convenience of the tourists.

Surrounding Attractions

Hyderabad has several popular attractions to catch the eyes of the viewers. The city has lakes in and around the area which offers a pleasant look to the city. Hussain Sagar Lake and Osman Sagar Lake are two of the most popular zones, The Buddha status in middle of the Hussain Sagar offers a nice view in the night. Boating is available during the day time also. There are amusement parks namely Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens around the lake. Lumbini Park organizes splendid laser show daily to spread the history of the city among the visitors.

The unique Deccan monument Charminar is standing proudly in the old city. Chowmahalla Palace, Golconda Fort, QutubShahi Tombs, Mecca Masjid, Birla Temple, Sri LakshminarasimhaSwamy Temple, Shahi Masjidare some of the religious places around the city. Birla Planetarium, Birla Science Museum, City Museum are the museums present other than SalarJung Museum. Wild animal lovers can take a look at the Nehru Zoological Park, Mrugavani National Park. There is a safari available in the Nehru Park to provide the jungle feeling to the children.

Hyderabad is known for its pearls. Shops around Charminar offers pearls to the tourists at a wide range of prices. The handmade bangles of the city are equally famous for the sheen and designs. Ramoji Film City is another popular option for those who wants to take a look inside a film making unit. Here one can experience the real movie making feeling.

Emergency No.

Police: 100

Fire: 101

Ambulance: 102

Tourist information centre: 1363

Traffic helpline: 1073