Rampura Fort

The description of India is incomplete without the mention of majestically standing mountains scattered around the nation. The era of Maharajas can be experienced at this land of majesties with their abandoned palaces, forts, mahals and etc. One of the magnificent creation can be explored by visiting Rampura Fort, situated at the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The fort was built on the wrinkled terrain of Bundelkhand where the soil is quiet rough to showcase the grandeur of the KushwahaRajputs of Rampur village. This fort of bricks and limestone mortar is the residential place for the present owner who occupies one part of the fort. Ravines around the fort area are offering that sheer level of adventure and noise in the mind of the travellers who explore this fort. Guests will be welcomed to spend nights under the royal atmosphere to get a glimpse of the long-lost Maharaja’s life of this fort. This home-stay is different from other places because one may find personal touches of present owner who changed the interior to make it comfortable according to modern lifestyle. Home-cooked food prepared by maintaining the age-old methods are offered to the guests to introduce them with the royalty and their tastes. They follow the Mughal traditions in making delicious foods even now.

Travel Tips

To enjoy the setting of the fort and its glamour, one must make a trip during October to March. Though there are no bounds for anyone to visit the place anytime during the year. It is mandatory to book the home-stay much before to avail the facilities of the fort. The village is dependent on the rural power supply. So tourists must make it a point to adopt the rural culture of the area. Because the shortage of power supply can be experienced during the stay. It will be beneficial to make a plan by discussing with the proper person who has idea and information about this zone. One must avoid visiting the forest in the night. They should follow the rules of visiting a forest of India. It is the duty of the tourists to take care of the princely charm of the fort intact during their stay. This 700 years old fort is restored in recent times to save the ancient culture of Rampura area.

When to visit

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Things to do

People must take note of the architecture of the fort which marks the influence of Mughal era. The library inside the fort can offer boastful of knowledge about this. It will be an enchanting experience if someone takes a boat ride at the confluence of the five rivers. India is world-known for its folklores. Folk dances are organised to provide a pinch of the folklore of India to the travellers. Hindustani classical music gharana is the main attraction which can be heard in the lips of the local singers. The forests around the fort are greeting those who wants to enjoy a trip in bullock cart ride or horse ride or camel ride. This part of Bundelkhand was famous for the Chambal dacoits of this region at a time. Other activities like bird-watching, target practise with air-rifles, Indian style mustard oil massaging, star gazing, jiggery making, peppermint extraction places are offered during the stay. Those in love with board games can enjoy their time at the family’s antique billiard table.

Getting Around

There are not many options available for transportation around this area. Due to the rural settlement and forest coverage, limited number of vehicles go around this region. Private cars are the safest option to travel. Jeeps are available for the safari in forest. Tourists can take a trip on the rivers nearby. Boats are available there.

Places to Stay

There are only one option to stay at Rampura. That is Rampura Fort.

Heritage home stay (starting from INR 4,500 per night)

Fort Rampura: Rampura Village, Jalaun district, Uttar Pradesh.

The rooms are renovated by maintaining the royal charm of the palace. Tasteful selection of the present owner can be experienced at all the rooms.

Facilities:Attached bathrooms, running hot and cold water, indoor game facility, home-cooked Rampura style food and backup power supply in the rural zone is offered.

Tariff: the room rent per night starts from INR 4,500.

No other accommodation option is available other than this home-stay facility due to the rural area. There are accommodations available in the nearest cities namely Kanpur, Agra, Lucknow, Gwalior and etc.

How to Reach

  • The Nearest international airport is the New Delhi airport which is 187kms away from the village. Domestic travellers can come from Dehradun, Chandigarh and Lucknow airports which are 175kms, 300kms and 314kms away respectively.
  • The Kathgodam train line is going near to the Rampur. There are several trains connecting this area with other parts of India. One can come via the Moradabad railway station or Bareilly railway station. Trains from New Delhi, Mumbai and other metros are available to ply the tourists.
  • Travellers can complete their journey via Agra or Gwalior or Etawah which are 200kms, 150kms and 100kms away respectively. Kanpur and Jhansi is not too far from the place also. National highway 24 is connecting Rampur with all over India. There are buses from other popular tourist places near to the point.

Surrounding Attractions

Starting from forest, temple, and mosque to natural attractions, all are present in this area. The meeting of five rivers namely- sind, Chambal, kunwari, pahuj and jamuna is an attractive point for travellers who want to stroll around the adjacent areas of Rampura fort. The forts at the Tiher, Sewnda, Lahar, Gopalpur, Jagmanpur, Saravan and Machand are equally beautiful to make an illusion in the mind of the travellers. Karan Khera temple, Shakti temple, Bhairoli temple are present with their different antiquity.

There is a planetarium named as Rampur planetarium which can be enjoyed by the kids for sure. Other attractions include KothiKhasBagh, AmbedkarPark and Jama masjid. This village is known for its knife-making industry which can be experienced at the shops around the market area.

Important Numbers

The fort Rampura

Post office: Rampura

District: Jalaun

State: Uttar Pradesh

Contact numbers: 0/+91-5168-285480/285467

Mobile: 09415032466

Email: fort_rampura@yahoo.co.in