Rafting -Coorg
Travel Tips

  • Dry bags should be taken along with you to carry small things like towel, sun protection cream, sunglasses, money, driver’s license and so on.
  • Basic first aid like antiseptic liquid, cotton, joint pain creams, and paracetamols and digestion medicines should be taken.
  • Snacks and water is a must because there can be no opportunities for any meal breaks while rafting
  • Neoprene boots or old sneakers should be taken
  • People with cardiovascular or respiratory problems should not try out river rafting.
  • Pregnant women and individuals below 14 years should not take part in rafting.

When to visit

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sprinkles Pleasant
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  • 10° Min
  • 2 mm
  • Woollen
Route/ Place

Coorg is an ideal place for river rafting in the state of Karnataka. The River Barapole is the river on which rafting is done here. It has a ferocious and forceful flow giving rise to several rapids which make the rafting trip extremely adventurous.

Rafting route on the River Barapole

The rafting route for the tourists on the Barapole River is about 2.5 km long from the base camp at Ponya Estate in Gonokopal0Birunani Road. The time required to cover this route is around 2 hours. After paddling on the waters for 600 meters you will meet the first rapid which is a Level 2 rapid known as Morning Coffee. Then you will encounter with the Grasshopper Rapid of level 2 toughness and after which comes the Ramba Samba rapid of level 2. The next rapid will be a level 3 rapid called the Wicked Witch. The final rapid on this route is a level 4 rapid called the Big Bang. After facing all these rapids, the tourists are brought back to the base camp for getting refreshed.


  • Lifejackets: These extremely important items for rafting. It saves the individuals from drowning if anyone falls into the swift flowing waters or the rapids.
  • Inflatable rafting boats: The rafting boats used are generally inflatable which are light and so are easy to dodge through the forceful streams.
  • Carbon paddles: The carbon paddles are preferred for rafting because they are durable and pretty long in size. Thus these paddles also add to the fun of rafting.
  • Helmets: helmets for rafting are a must for saving your head from any kind of injury.
  • Dry and wet suits: Both dry and wet suits should be taken depending on the temperature of water. After wearing the dry suit inside, the wet suit should be worn above it because the water in River Indus is pretty cold.
  • Tents and rescue throw bags: tents are to be taken for camping purposes on the banks of the river. The rescue throw bags containing ropes are to be taken to rescue someone who has fallen into the rapids.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • The Mangalore International Airport is the nearest airport to Coorg. It is located 16o km away from Coorg. After landing on the airport frequent bus and taxi services are available for reaching Coorg. The Bengaluru Airport is also accessible from Coorg but it is a bit far from Coorg being 265 km away from it.
  • The closest railway station to Coorg is Mysore which lies about 35 km away from it. From the railway station, taxi and buses are available for reaching Coorg. The expense for this journey is also pretty affordable.
  • The K.S.R.T.C bus services are extremely efficient in this region. Frequent buses are available from Mysore, Bengaluru and Mangalore to Coorg. The roads are very well maintained and so the journey is fine and comfortable.

Surrounding Attractions

Coorg being located on the Western Ghats and the along the edges of the Deccan Plateau, the landscape is wonderfully photographic. Thus the tourists who come here for the rafting purposes cannot resist the sightseeing visits in Coorg. Here goes a list of the prominent tourist attractions in Coorg.

  • The Tibetan Monastery: This is a beautiful monastery built by the Tibetans in the ancient times. It has beautiful works of architecture and ambience of peace.
  • Mandalpatty: This is a view point at very high altitude from where a panoramic view of the Coorg city can be seen. It shows a pool of lush green vegetations all over and gives an outstanding glimpse of nature’s ultimate beauty.
  • Iruppu Falls:  This is one of the lifetime experiences to observe in Coorg. This waterfall comes down from a great height and breaks down on the boulders at its foothills to create sprays of water. You can spend time just by staring at the beauty.
  • Chelvara Falls: This is another huge waterfall to see in Coorg. It is not only great in height but is also extremely wide. So it’s a gushing force of water to enjoy from a distance of course.
  • Dubare Elephant Camp: Along with rafting, you can add another adventure in your bag with the Elephant safari in Dubare Elephant Camp.
Emergency No.

The following emergency numbers must be stored with every individual who is participating in the rafting activity. It is for their personal safety and also for the safety of his or her team members.


Police Control Room: 100

Police control Room Siddapur: 08272-258100

Police Station in Madikeri: 08272-229300

Fire Services: 101 or 08272-229301

Ambulance services: 08272-228395