Golkonda Fort

The Golkonda Fort is 11 km away from Hyderabad towards its west. The Golkonda Fort was located in the capital of Golconda region within the 15th to 17th centuries. This fort was built during the rule of Kakatiya dynasty. It’s a common tale that once a shepherd boy found an idol in the region if this fort. The shepherd boy gave the idol to the king and the king has ordered for building up a mud fort around the idol. Thus this place is often called as Golla Konda in Tamil which means “Shepherd’s hill”.

The official language is Telugu.



Travel Tips

As the Golkonda Fort is one of the major attractions in Andhra Pradesh, so there might be thousands of people visiting the place. So you must keep the whole day’s time in your hand to completely explore the fort even amidst the crowd. Also the outside of the fort has no shades and it’s like an open field. Thus you must carry your sunglasses, umbrella, sunscreen lotion and drinking water along with you because the weather is rarely cool.

Best time to visit in Golkanda fort is 4p.m.


When to visit

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  • 13.399 mm
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Things to do

The Golkonda Fort is s magnificent fort to watch because of its unbelievable width of the walls and the height of the construction. The walls are about 34 feet in width and there are semi circular bastions in it. Some of the bastions are of 50 feet height and some are of 400 feet. You must explore the logic that played behind making the fortress in such a manner. The guides will explain to you about it. The lawn outside the fortress must also be explored. This fort is excellent for photography and so you can bring in your cameras to have some great snaps.

Getting Around

Getting around in Hyderabad and around the Golkonda area is best accomplished via local auto-rickshaw services. Shuttle cars are also available in plenty. You can also travel on the local public buses.

Places to Stay

There are so many hotels of high, mid and low range availbale here.

How to Reach

  • The Rajiv Gandhi International Terminal airport is the nearest airport to Golconda Fort. After landing at the airport you can hire a cab or bus services to reach the Fort.
  • There are 3 railway stations nearby to the Golkonda Fort, namely, Kachiguda railway station, Hyderabad railway station and Secunderabad railway station. You can reach the Golkonda Fort easily from either of these three rail heads.
  • The road connections to Hyderabad and the Golkonda Fort are extremely well managed. Thus you can find numerous transports to take you to Hyderabad by road. The Volvo buses are best for the journey from any of the cities around Hyderabad like Aurangabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore and so on

Surrounding Attractions

Apart from the Golconda Fort, there are a few more nearby attractions that tourists can enjoy.

Lake Glendale Stables This is an excellent place for recreation as well as for the fun of your kids. Here you can enjoy small horse rides.

Rim Rock recreational area: This is a place where some elementary level of trekking can be done. The steep heights of the rocks and the narrow pathways can really make you excited if you like adventures. This place is a bit remote and so trekking is very exciting.

The Hogg Hollow Winery: This is a nice place to explore the process of wine making. The entire winery is well maintained and tourists visit this place to really understand the secrets of the taste of wine.

Emergency No.

Police: 100

Fire Brigade: 101

Hospital: 102