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Adventure sports need proper planning and care. So, it is best to hire a adventure sports guide available, and take all necessary precautionary measures. Apart from that one needs to carry first aid kit and other safety arrangements in case of any emergency. There are numerous associations for parasailing and adventure sports who provide these services which are not only safe but affordable.

The best way to travel around Panaji is by hiring an auto rickshaw, or by taking the help of private taxis which can be booked for half a day or for fixed rates. The best thing about the place is the availability of the two wheelers that can be booked per day. Its cheap and fast. Another thing to remember is to book the hotels from beforehand.

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Water parasailing is possible in beach areas and places which are near huge water bodies. Because of this, Goa is considered one of the best locations for parasailing and other adventure sports. The ideal beaches of Goa, the clear blue sea and the famous beaches like the Calingute beach or the Dona Paula Beach are very famous for their crystal clear waters long stretches of while sands and adventure sports like parasailing, snorkelling, diving etc. One can enjoy all these sports at their own choice and discretion. It is not only fun and Adeline rushing but also a very fantastic way to freshen up and feel invigourating from inside. Adventure sports bring out the fear in us and we learn to let it go. It not only boosts confidence in our being but can be very inspiring and relaxing at the same go. One just needs to be open to challenges and its a very safe way to live life at the edge and enjoy the moments life has to offer. A visit to the beaches of Goa and enjoying the water sports available there apart from enjoying the Goan cuisine which has Portuguese culture enmeshed with it and the liveliness of the surrounding is worth one’s money and time. It is essential though, to plan beforehand for such adventure trips and consult people who have already gained some experience as its always better to go prepared so that you are aware of all that is to know and find oneself for any kind of emergency. It is a recreational activity for fun and pleasure and one should try to keep it that way only, avoiding any mishaps or accidents.


Since parasailing is an adventure sports, it needs some safety measures and equipments for a safe experience. Apart from hiring professionals, one needs to be in proper and safe clothing, something that is not flawy or may get hooked or tangled somewhere. Best option is to wear tees and tights that keep your body flexible and hassle free. When safety measures are concerned, one should definitely wear an air-bag so that there is no chance of getting drowned or something in the water. For parasailing one needs a chute, a harness, life jackets, passenger bars and parasail towlines, flag and banner, banner and banner chutes, ballast bag, iron mate and deck bag and extra safety equipments too. Before going for parasailing one needs to check all these equipments and safety measures to prevent any kind of accident as that can be catastrophic and fatal to anyone and can lead to serious consequences.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • Located at 29kms of Panaji, the Dabolim airport has different flights that operates between Dabolim to all other major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Kochi and Thiruvanathapuram.
  • Part of the Konkan railway network, there are different trains that operates between Panaji and major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. The next nearest railway station at 30kms is Vasco da Gama.
  • There are several buses that plies from the neighbouring states to Goa. The main bus terminal is known as Kadamba. One can also get different private operators to different destinations, or can go for a road trip too in one�s private vehicle but should have careful planning and precautions too.

Surrounding Attractions
  1. Apart from enjoying the parasailing and motorboat activities, one can also enjoy other attractions. Since the Yuletide period ends in January 6, one can visit most of churches at the Christmas galore. If one is are interested for a swim, there a beaches aplenty, and for those who wish to take a small trek, can also walk around in the nearby hills.
  2. Like all other places where Christmas celebrations begin by 24th of December every year, Goa too celebrates it with much gusto and enthusiasm. It is the day when Lord Jesus blessed the earth, a day that abounds in blessings, gifts, merry making and revelry and what better place to celebrate in other than the ‘place of all parties,’ that is Goa.
  3. Since it is a state that respects people from all communities, tourists accumulate there for the festive feel and the church celebrations accompanied with carolling that lacks in most other places in India. It is a place where both modern and the old traditions are celebrated, it is the only place where everyone, irrespective of their community, comes together as one to celebrate the birth of a God.
  4. Other than Christmas, the carnival season is another such time when Goa comes alive and it is best to be there. And if one wants to enjoy some peace and reflective moments, one can visit it during the off seasons too. The weather is always moderate and off seasons will ensure cheap and comfortable accommodations and living too because of the absence of the crazy Goa crowds. Any time of the year, a visit to Goa and its beaches, and enjoying the various water sports, especially parasailing is an awesome idea and can be worth a shot for sure.
Emergency No.

  • Police: 100
  • Ambulance: 102
  • Fire-Brigade: 101