Dhar Fort

Dhar is a city loated in the Malwa region  of Western Madhya Pradesh state in central India. The red stone fort of Madhya Pradesh, Dhar Fort is situated on a rectangular hillock in India.

The fort has strong historical values in Indian art and culture. This was an impenetrable fort due to the black stone and solid muram of the area. Muhammad Tughalak built this property during the period of 1344AD. Sheesh Mahal and KharbujaMahal are the two elegantly decorated mahals of this fort. The fort has a place in India’s freedom struggle against the ruling British regime. The wife of Raghuram Rao, AnandiBai took shelter at this fort. This is the birth place of PeshwaBajirao II also. Main entrance of the fort is built on the western side of the hillock. The architecture of the fort is a combination of Hindu, Mughal and Afgani styles.

Hindi language is widely spoken in this region.

Travel Tips

The summers at this region is too hot and dry. Avoid visiting the months of April to October. Make a proper plan before visiting the town. It is best to visit this place from Indore, Mandu or Ujjain. They are 62, 38 and 45 km away respectively.

When to visit

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sprinkles Pleasant
  • 32° Max
  • 24° Min
  • 21.5 mm
  • Light cottons
Things to do

Tourists visiting this place of Madhya Pradesh can avail the option of strolling around the town. There are no other outdoor activities available apart from the visit to surrounding places. Short trek to the 9 caves at Bagh can offer a painting of earlier era of this region.

Getting Around

It is best to explore the fort by feet. Hired cars or autos will leave you outside the entrance. From there, one must carry on by feet only.

How to Reach

  • Indore is offering the nearest connectivity opportunity to the tourists coming via air. Wide connectivity is available from Indore to other metros of India through domestic flights. Most of the domestic carriers have daily flights connecting this city with New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and etc.
  • The nearest railway station is at Indore. There are no stations at Dhar. Indian railway is offering trains via Indore on regular basis.
  • Taxis, private cars, public buses are available from Indore. Though one can start their journey from nearest Maheshwar and Mandu also, they are 33km and 35km away respectively.

Surrounding Attractions

The Dhar region is famous for the fort which is 3 km away from the township. There are other attractions which has historical values dated back to King Vikramaditya regime. The tomb of a warrior saint, Shaykh Chandal is a place worth of visiting. He protested against those conversation of religion during his lifetime. Lal Masjid, Bhoj Shala, Phadke museum, Jheerabagh palace are the other attractions in the surrounding area. There are various type of sculptures presented in the museum. Bagh caves near Bagh village are offering ancient inscription and paintings.

Emergency No.

Police: 100

Fire: 101

Ambulance: 102

SP: 07292-235228