Bada Sona Mosque, Gaur

Bada Sona Mosque or also known as Baroduari (referring to the twelve gates of the mosque) Situated at Gaur, is fourteen an half kilometre south Malda town in West Bengal. It is well known for it’s enormous rectangular red brick stone structure, it is the largest monument to be found in Gaur. As far as the historical records go, the construction of Bada Sona Mosque was started by Allaudin Husain Shah and was completed in 1526 AD by his son Nasiruddin Nusrat Shah.  Measuring 50.4 m. by 22.8 m., and 12 m. in height, it is the largest heritage construction in Gaur. The Mosque is also called Qutub Shahi Mosque as it was built in the honour of saint Qutub-e-Alam. The Mosque was known as Sona Masjid due to its earlier gilded walls and turrets, which made it a spectacular site to watch. The ornamentation of the mosque is praiseworthy. The Great Golden Mosque which is the largest of all the monuments in Gaur, which has  open square in front of 200 feet diameter, with exceptional or ached gate ways in the middle of three of its sides the sanctuary, a rectangular structure of brick faced with stone is 168 feet long by 76 feet wide, its parapet 20 feet high forming a long shallow curve below which is spaced a series of eleven pointed arches between the octagonal turrets at the angles, its interior contains impressive aisles of arches carried in front of the western wall with in which is a mihrab opposite each bay. The surrounding areas are also good enough to look around for and make one feel that time has moved back a few centuries. The old world charm and the nostalgia of the muslim rule is very dominant here.

Travel Tips

The Mosque remains open for most time of the year and favourable moths for visit can be between September and November as the place is quite hot and scorching during peak summer months of April To August, and these moths are best avoided for a visit. The excessive heat and humidity will interfere with the tour hours and may spoil the experience of visiting the place. As restaurants and food outlets are not frequently found in the surrounding nearby areas, its best to keep a small meal along with, for obvious reasons. Temperature during hot summer months  remains extreme and goes beyond 40°C. If you plan to visit the area during this season it is advisable to take adequate precautions against blazing sun. May is considered as the hottest summer month. So, carrying a sunscreen can be very helpful. The onset of monsoon during August and September brings relief from the scorching heat.

When to visit

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Things to do

A good tour inside and around the mosque is worth the time. Known for its huge and magnificent architecture and fine artwork of gold and other fineries, the eleven arched entrances of the east façade give way to a long domed verandah formed by wide piers on the east and west sides which can be visited. The verandah, the prayer chamber composed of three aisles with eleven bays each, is also worth a look. Apart from the verandah that one can see, the prayer chambers, now in ruins was once entirely covered with decorations like pen dentives. Traces of this decoration can still be seen as they remain on a large takht the mosque is stoned faced and still attracts many tourists.

Getting Around

The place is well connected with the surrounding nearby cities and one can easily avail buses or local trains and other local services to reach places or roam around easily enough. The provision of hiring cabs or private vehicles for tours and site seeing around the place is also available for an anxiety free travelling experience.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • Malda does not have an airport but has a good air connectivity through the Netaji Subhash international airport, Dumdum, West Bengal and from there can be reached through railways or roadways easily.
  • Malda town railway station is in Howrah-Newjalpigudi line and well connected with major cities and railway zones of the country. Travelling through rail may be considered the best way of getting there hassle free.
  • Malda has well connected roads and highways and tourist buses with AC and Non-AC facilities can be availed from the main city of Kolkata or Bihar or any other adjacent state.

Surrounding Attractions

The various other places and tourist attractions of Malta can also be considered while making a trip to Gaur. The sites and places that can be visited include Panda, a major tourist attraction for its heritage sites, houses some important Muslim architecture, the most notable being the Adina Mosque.

Adam Result Mosque, located close proximity to the Froze Minar, is believed to have the footprints of Prophet Muhammad on a piece of stone.

Ramkeli is a small village located on the way to Gaur, around 14 km from Malda. The village is famed as the temporary abode of Sri Chaitanya, the religious reformer of Bengal.

Ramkeli is a small village located on the way to Gaur, around 14 km from Malda. The village is famed as the temporary abode of Sri Chaitanya, the religious reformer of Bengal.

Firoz Minar is located close to the Dakhil Darwaza. The tomb was constructed during the reign of Sultan Saifuddin Feroze Shah (1485-1489). The structure is a five-storey tower, which resembles the Qutub Minar.

Chika Mosque was built under the patronage of Sultan Yusuf Shah in 1475. The mosque was named Chika because it was a guarded refuge of bats, locally called Chikas. The mosque features a single-domed edifice, which has almost been turned into ruins.

Gumti Darwaza, built by Allauddin Hussein Shah in 1512, is located in the northeast part of the Chika Mosque. The structure is made of terracotta and brick. However, it is believed that real gold was used in the decoration of the mosque.

The gateway or the Dakhil Darwaja was constructed in 1425 AD. The structure is made with red bricks and admired with terracotta work. This gate measuring 34.5 m wide and 21 m in height was once the main gate of a fort that no longer exists. 

While visiting gaur, these places are also worth a visit and should not be missed.

Important Numbers

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  • Ambulance: 102
  • Fire-Brigade: 101