Brahmaputra River Cruise

Taking a river cruise down the mighty Brahmaputra River located in the north eastern Indian state of Assam is a thrilling experience which takes you back in time and offers travellers a chance to explore the beautiful landscapes and sceneries that the place has to offers.

Brahmaputra, originating from Tibet as Yarlung Tsangpo, is one of Asia's major rivers. The river is navigable through most of its course. A fun way to see the river and its environs is to take a luxury curise run by Assam Bengal Navigation. The cruise boat is innovatibly designed, fully air-conditioned and chic, with comforable cabins, with tiny but perfect attached bathrooms, open decks and a dining room. It is only when it passes throughb the lush Assam valley in the north eastern corner of India that it becomes the Brahmaputra or son of "Brahma" in tribute to one of the greatest Hindu deities.    Most of the voyages are operated by the Assam Bengal Navigation Company and are definitely not meant for those that do not like adventure. The vessels operated by this touring organization can accommodate close to 20 passengers at one go as they come with well-equipped cabins.

Voyages usually extend up to 10 nights at a time. However, the cruises often provide meals as well as on-shore excursions. The Brahmaputra cruises usually operate between various sections of the river which can become like a vast inland sea during the monsoons. Certain sections also expand in width to around 25 kilometres.


Travel Tips

Pack plenty of sunscreen, mosquito spray, a hat to defend against the heat of the midiay sun and some anti-diarrhea pills and rehydration sachets.

Take sturdy, comfortable shoes for walking ashore,and a warm wrap for evenings and to counter the airconditioned onboard.

Wash your hands often particularly during trips ashore. and drink only bottled water on which the seal is intact.

Be prepared to go barefoot or in stockinged fact when visiting temples and mosques (though tour guides should carry slip-on. Plastic foot covers and wet wipes for cleaning your feet).

Carry small denomination rupee notes for (moderate) onboard tips, and to buy goodies like bolts of silk from villagers ashore.

Be aware that riverboats do not operate at night, which is good for those who want uninterrupted sleep but can limit activities in the dpths of winter when sunset comes early.

A collapsible walking stick to help you clamber up the sand dunes that time the riverbanks could come in handy. 

Best time to visit Brahmaputra river cruise is from November to April.

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Route/ Place

The common route would have to be from Silghat to Sibsagar, and will usually include a visit to Majuli Island, which is widely regarded as the world’s largest river island. It is a remote stretch of water offering travellers views of lush jungle and barren stretches of sand and rice paddies. 

AN 8-day tour would usually include travelling through Mishing villages where the Europeans are still a novelty.

Things To View

It also includes visits to the surrounding ancient temples and monasteries, while witnessing monks dancing and playing musical instruments. A drive through the famous Kaziringa National Park is also a highlight where one can catch a glimpse of horned rhinos, elephants, water buffalo, hog deer and langur monkeys, among other animals in the vicinity.

Things to do

The city is divided by the Bahmaputra - the part on the north bank is called North Guwahati, while most places of interest lie on the south bank, simply called Guwahati.

People hire a motorised boat from the riverfront for a privae river cruise and picnic by a secluded sandbank. This is best done in winter as it could be frightening to face the occassional squalls, which occur from February onwards, in a small.

Country boats from the Shukleshwar Ghat take devotees across the Brahmaputra to Aswaklanta Temple, an imporant Vaishnavite shrine.

Getting Around

The best way to get around locally is by auto.

Places to Stay

Take a chance at the privately-run Assam Tourism Lodge near the park. But it is preferable to stay in Tezpur. 

How to Reach

  • The main airport in Assam would have to be Borjhar airport which is around 25 kms fro Guwahati.
  • It has a well-connected train network that has direct train services from all major Indian cities.
  • Assam is accessible by road from neighbouring areas. It also has a number of National highways.

Surrounding Attractions

One can visit the following places:

Brahmaputra River side.

Bhuwaneshwari Temple.

Manas national park

Pobitra Wildlife sanctuary

Lal Ganesh Mandir

Vivekananda Kali Mandir

Shyam Devalay



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