Valiathura is a popular suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, India. The suburb was once the most important and only port along the South Kerala coast. However, once Kochi became the prominent port in Kerala, Valiyathura is not considered a major port anymore. In fact, it is more popularly known as a fishing port.


Valiyathura was popularly referred to as Raithura or Rajathura right from the Travancore Kingdom. However, the place has been significant since the reign of King Solomon. During his tenure as ruler, the Valiyathura port was active and would export spices and articles. The famous Saint Antony's Cathedral has a rich history of over 500 years with the famous New Year day celebrations starting around 120 years ago. Also, legend has it that when the battle between Marthanda Varma and Ettuveetil Pillai took place, one of the pillai and his soldiers were protected by the fishermen in the region. Therefore, some of the soldiers married the Valiyathura girls and settled in the region.

Travel Tips

The best time to visit Valiathura is between September and March, when the climate is cool. Also, one should be careful not to carry too many valuable it could get misplaced during the commute. Make sure you haggle with the auto rickshaw drivers to get a good price. It would be advisable to travel with a friend who is a local in order overcome the local barrier.



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Things to do

When in Valiathura, one must take the time to visit the famous pier. The 703-foot pier was also a part godown back in the day. In fact, close to 50 ships would call here at a time. The pier is a famous spot for anglers which comprise of mainly daily wage workers and local labourers.


Take the time to also visit St. Antony’s Forane Church which was built in 1530 by the Franciscan missionaries. In fact, the area has witnessed almost seven centuries of Christian heritage here. One can also visit a major pilgrim centre in the region – The Madre de Deus Church Vettukad.


One of the more popular places to visit here would have to be the Valiathura beach. This beautiful but isolated beach is known for its sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. It was once the only port in the South Kerela Coast.

Getting Around

Tourists should not have much of a problem when it comes to finding transport to commute. There are privately owned and KSRTC buses which operate from the East Fort. Also, there are auto rickshaws which can also be hired.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • The Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is located around 3 km away.
  • The nearest railway station is Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station which is located around 4 km away.
  • Valiathura is also well-connected by road with state and private buses plying to the destination

Surrounding Attractions

One of the popular surrounding attractions is the Shangumugham Beach which is situated adjacent to the Trivandrum International Airport. This beach is perfect for tourists who enjoy watching the sun set. Located in the heart of a fishing village, one can catch a glimpse of fishermen making their catch. One of the main tourist attractions in the area would have to be the huge, 35 m long sculpture of a Mermaid known as ‘Matsya Kanyaka’. Most travellers make it a point to pay this statue a visit.


The Beemapally Mosque is another tourist attraction which is situated on the suburb of Trivandrum city. The mosque is unique because it is visited by people of all faiths and religions.  Most tourists usually pay a visit to the tomb of Syedunnisa Beema Beevi. She was believed to be a woman of great divine powers during her lifetime. The other attraction would have to be the feast which is held annually in memory of Syedunnisa Beema Beevi. Pilgrims from around the globe make it a point to visit the area during this feast to pay their respects and make offerings.

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