Upper Lake

Bhojtal, which was formerly referred to as Upper Lake, is a large lake which is situated on the Western side of the city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal. It is one of the major sources of drinking water for the city’s residents, serving a large number of the residents with around 30 million imperial gallons of water on a daily basis. Famously known as Bada talaab, one can also find the Chhota Talaab nearby – which means ‘Small Lake’ in Hind comprises the Bhoj Wetland, which is now a popular Ramsar site.

Legend has it that Bhojtal was constructed by Parmara Raja Bhoj during his reign as king of Malwa. He is also said to have constructed the main city of Bhopal in order to capture and assert his authority on the eastern frontier of his kingdom. There is an interesting tale which says that there was once a time when the King suffered from a skin disease which the doctors failed to cure him of. One day, a saint asked the king to construct a tank which would comprise of 365 tributaries. The King was asked to have a bath in it in order to cure the disease.

Hindi is widely spoken.




Travel Tips

Tourists should visit the city after the monsoons (October – May) as the weather is perfect for travel and to discover the city.


When to visit

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Things to do

Tourists can indulge in boating in the lake. There are motor boats available for hire for a nominal charge. There are a number of old mosques in Bhopal which provide a glimpse of the fantastic Mughal architecture. The old mosques that are worth a visit here include Taj-ul-Masajid (largest mosque in the country), Jama Masjid and Moti Masjid.

One must also take the time to visit the old city market in order to avail of some good bargains on art   like the bead work and the hand embroidery that the city is famous for.


Getting Around

Bhopal has a well-connected transportation system which includes buses, mini-buses, auto rickshaws that take tourists around the city. Travellers can also book a cab/ taxi to tour the city at reasonable rates. However, most hotels in the city can arrange for transport for guests.

Places to Stay

3 star hotel option located near the Chief minister's residence. Its restaurant serves continental and chinese cuisine.

How to Reach

  • The Raja Bhoj Airport is the nearest airport. Air India and Jet Airways have regular flights linking Bhopal to Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai.
  • Bhopal is well connected by rail. There are two main stations in New Bhopal. There are a number of trains which connect major cities in India to Bhopal.
  • Bhopal is also connected to the major cities in India via the national highways.

Surrounding Attractions

Sanchi is a famous Buddhist pilgrimage. Some of the first "stupas" here were built around the 3rd century BC by King Ashok.  Sanchi is located around 45 kilometers from Bhopal and can be accessed by road.

Khajuraho is famous for its numerous temples as well as showcasing Kamasutra through figures or statues on the temples. It is located around 383 kilometers from Bhopal.

Pachmarhi is a small army settlement and is located around 210 kilometers from Bhopal.

Emergency No.

Police Control Room - 0755-234100/100

Ambulance - 0755-577365/102