Situated in the district of Kerala, Thiruvanthapuram, the city of pristine backwaters is none the less the famous Thiruvallam. With an awe-struck beauty of the backwaters and the luscious flora and fauna, the place has a charismatic splendour to it.

Surfacing the banks of the rivers Killi and Karamana which are the key support factors for the existence of Thiruvallam, have been the reason that add charm to this amazing tourist spot. Away from Thiruvanthapuram city by 6 km, Thiruvallam is a place on the Thiruvanthapuram and Kovalam road.

Malayalam is the official language in Thiruvallam.

Travel Tips

If you are looking at a Kerala expedition, than dedicating at least 3 – 4 days to Thiruvallam is a must. While you have your swimming trunks and sun block in place, do try carrying a pair of binoculars to experience a perfect drill of bird watching.

Lately a bunch of campers have started the camping saga in this place but however it is best undertaken with local guidance.

The winter season (November to February) is the best time to visit in Thiruvallam.


When to visit

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sprinkles Hot
  • 40° Max
  • 32° Min
  • 23.0 mm
  • Light cottons
Things to do

Just as you wondering with backwaters one would maximum explore the river, the currents and calmness of the river is enough a reason to add glee to a tourist’s experience. From riding on the canoe in line to the coconut trees erect by the bank to the village cruising in beautifully shaped house boats, cherished memoires all one will be left with. While the adults may love the serene scenic charm of the place, kids and teens are sure to enjoy the water sports and floating bridge recreation.

Getting Around

While buses are the only mode of travel from one end to the other, these days a lot of private car companies at are your assistance waiting to give you a ride.

Places to Stay

There are so many hotels one can avail in this place.

How to Reach

  • While the place many train options to reach Thiruvanthapuram, there are precisely four airport options for the international and domestic fliers.
  • Addressed in the district of Kerala Thiruvanthapuram, it is hardly 6 km away from the main city. With regular buses that one can fetch outside the railway station or bus depot, the journey is hardly much of a wait once commenced.
  • By road Trivandrum stands the closet being only 18 minutes away, while Kochi airport is 4 hours and 46 minutes away, Calicut airport 7 hours and 44 minutes and finally Coimbatore airport is 7 hours and 52 minutes.

Surrounding Attractions

Getting the glimpse of the beautiful birds that fly across the river and the flora with their enchanting fragrance tantalizes you enough, then you can always plan to explore Thiruvallam’s surroundings. The Veli tourist village that is adjacent on the banks of the river as the backwaters offers the short village cruising. Just as one enters there the Veli lagoon has by far been the best destination for quite a lot of romantic scenes in movies too. Some other spaces to visit is the Akkulam Lake that has the boat club specially arranged to give tourist a view of the water bodies around the land. While in Thiruvallam a couple of km’s away are local yoga houses that helped give a lot of tourist sense their inner being , relaxing their core chakras of their body.

Setting your mind, soul and body in line, it a known factor that paradise of the country Kerala has got its own little heavenly rendezvous happening in the destination of backwaters that is Thiruvallam.

Emergency No.

Police Station: +(91)-471-2381148+(91)-9497900000

BNV Hospital: (0471) 2380735