Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary situated in the district of Porbandar, in Gujarat, is known among travellers for more than one reason. While the district is famous for being the birthplace of the Indian freedom fighter of the non-violent movement fame, Mahatma Gandhi, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary has its own unique features. It is the only wildlife sanctuary in India that has not been founded in the outskirts of the city limits, but is actually located at the heart of the city. In a way, that is a perfect way to follow the Mahatma’s vision, who had advocated the policy of returning to nature all his life. While the location at the centre of a modern day city means that it has to function within a limited space, 1 sq. km to be precise, on the other hand, this provides people easy access to the habitat of a host of birds from all over the world, both temporary and permanent.

Travel Tips

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is the ideal place to start your trip in Gujarat. Being a coastal city, you will not have to worry about any drastic changes in the weather, something that happens quite happen in the other regions of the state. The people communicate in Gujarati, but you will be understood quite well if you stick to English; however a few Hindi words thrown here and there won’t go in vain either. However, it is advisable that you plan your trip and book the hotels accordingly, beforehand. The city gets quite crowded during the tourist season, and it becomes difficult to find accommodation on the spot.

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Things to do

If you are a bird watcher, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary is a place that you cannot miss. Due to its distinction of being the only sanctuary in Gujarat that offers legal protection to birds, this sanctuary is the place of choice for a huge variety of birds, both from India and other countries. The main attractions of the place are birds that are almost extinct today, like the Spotted Eagle and the Crested Hawk Eagle. In winter, the sanctuary also plays host to a number of magnificent birds that fly from almost halfway across the world in search of a warm nook. Flamingos, spoonbills, pelicans, avocets, coots, little cormorants, pintails, little grebes, whistling teals, shovellers, herons, jacanas, terns, red shanks, and ruffs are just a few names that can be seen here during the winter. And what’s more, due to the relatively smaller size of the sanctuary, you are always guaranteed to sight a quite few varieties of bird, no matter where you are in the sanctuary.

Getting Around

Travelling within the city of Porbandar is not a matter of concern at all. The city has every mode of modern day transportation, be it buses, or cabs or trains. You can also hire a car for the entire stay, to take you around the city. Cars can be rented either on hourly basis, or depending on the distance travelled. Walking around the city is another great way to discover the true essence of the place. However, you will do well to restrict the hiking trips for the winter days since temperature in summers can be as high as 36�C.

Places to Stay

The city of Porbandar has ample places for you to pitch the tent. Depending on your choice and budget, you can get your accommodation either at one of the luxury hotels or opt to be a paying guest for a few days.


Mid range Hotels - (2000 - 3000 INR pernight):-

Hotel Harmony (Hotel Harmony Near Old fountain, M.G.Road, Porbandar (Gujarat) India, Porbandar)

Lords Eco Inn, Porbandar(Near Circuit House, Chaupati, Porbandar 360575, India)

New Oceanic Hotel (Sea Face, Chowpatty, Porbandar 360575, India)


Budget Hotels - (900 - 1800 INR pernight):-

Hotel Lila's (Behind Ranibaug, Porbandar 360575, India)

Hotel Kuber(Near Swami Narayan Temple, Porbandar 360575, India)

Hotel Pride (Kuber Plaza, Porbandar, India)

How to Reach

  • You can also reach the city via flights. You will need to get off at the Ahmadabad Airport, and from there take a bus or a train to Porbandar. The airport is well connected to the other major airports across the country.
  • If land is your preferred mode of travel, the city of Porbandar is connected to all the major cities in India by train. You can hop onto a train from any of the metropolis, be it Delhi, Mumbai, or Kolkata or any other city. The list of trains that will take you there can be obtained from websites like irctc.in, makemytrip.com, and yatra.com. The train fare can be expected to range between Rs.1500 and Rs.3000in case of interstate trips and between Rs.150 and Rs.300 for plying within the state. You also have the choice of getting there by bus. In that case, you can choose between several bus services, ranging from luxury sleeper buses to regular buses. Buses leave from the cities of Ahmadabad, and Rajkot in Gujarat, and Diu in the union territory of Daman and Diu. Fares range between Rs.150 and Rs.400.

Surrounding Attractions

While visiting the Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, your choice is not restricted to just watching the plumed creatures. If you want to catch of the famous Indian lions, you can visit the Porbandar Wildlife Sanctuary, which is located just 15kms away from the city. Also, you can check out the architectural magnificence of temples like KirtiMandir, Krishna-Sudama, Bileswar Shiva, Gop Hindu, and Bharat Mandir to name a few.Since Gujarat is famous for its temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, the temples are a must-visit location. Rani Baug Park is another area of interest with lots of greenery around. Also, don’t forget to visit the Mahatma’s birth place, which is arguably the most famous tourist attraction in Porbandar. If you want to just stretch your legs in the warm sun, Porbandar Beach is perfect for you.