Padanna Backwaters

Padanna is located proximate to Cheruvathur which can be found in the district of Kasargod. It is widely regarded as one of the prominent backwaters in the district and is a tourist hot spot as a result of it. On November 1st, 1956, it became a part of the main city of Kerala when it was recognized as a separate state.  It has two panchayaths - one is North Panchayath and the other in South Panchayath.

The main occupation and attraction of the state is mussel cultivation which is practiced intensively. As a result of mussel cultivation, a number of families region have received occupation. Mussel cultivation was popularized by the CMFR Institute.

The long shores and starry skies of Padanna backwaters have attracted odes from awestruck visitors who stumble across this scheduled hamlet. Padanna is among Northern Kerala's finest backwater locations.

Official language is Malayalam.


Travel Tips

The best time to visit the village is just after the monsoons.

The winter months from October to March are perfect for a vacation here.


When to visit

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sprinkles Hot
  • 38° Max
  • 32° Min
  • 32.3 mm
  • Light cottons
Things to do

The village town offers a number of activities which tourists can indulge in. One can opt to go for a cruise in a Kerala houseboat or country boats. Test your culinary skills in the built-in pantry which oen can find on Sara’s Float. Visit the nearby Valiyaparamba Beach and sunbathe or choose a rejuvenation therapy by practitioners of ayurveda.  Another fun activity that one can take part in is oyster farming with the farmers.

Getting Around

The best way to get around in the place is by auto rickshaw and taxi. There are buses which ply from certain points as well. Also, motorboats and houseboats are a great way to explore the backwaters.

Places to Stay

Awesome place to stay. The hospitaliy, the facilities and a must try food.  

How to Reach

  • The nearest airport to Padanna Backwaters is the Mangalore international airport which is situated around 120 kms away while the Calicut international airport is situated around 180 km away.
  • Cheruvathur railway station is the nearest railway station and is situated around 8 km away from the place.
  • There are a number of buses which are available from the Cheruvathur bus stop situated around 9 km away from the region.

Surrounding Attractions

The nearby attractions to Padanna backwaters include the famous Bekal Fort and Parassinikkadavu Temple, the latter being well-known for its unique rituals.

 Karim Forest is also a famous nearby destination. Tourists can also witness Theyyam, the performance which the region is famous for.

Emergency No.

Police station: 9497996972