Havelock Island

Havelock Island is the largest of the islands which combine to form Ritchie's Archipelago - a chain of islands situated to the east of Great Andaman. The island was named after the Indian general in India. The island's population comprises mainly of Bengali settlers. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands has for long permitted and encouraged tourism with a focus on eco-tourism.

"Radha Nagar" Beach or more popularly known as Beach #7 is among the popular beaches on Havelock and was even named the "Best Beach in Asia" by Time Magazine in 2004. Other famous beaches on the island are Elephant Beach on the northwest coast and Vijaynagar Beach on the east coast. Havelock Island has since become a famous honeymoon destination. 

Travel Tips

The best time to visit the island is between mid-January until mid-May as it experiences the best weather and diving conditions. The monsoon usually hit the island around the end of May, and lasts until the end of July, and is probably not the best time to visit the island owing to strong winds, frequent rain and low visibility. August through November sees some occasional showers and slightly rougher seas, but diving can still be great at this time of year. The weather often takes a turn for the worse for the month of December through early January.


Around 21C – 33C throughout the year

When to visit

  • Jan
  • Feb
  • Mar
  • Apr
  • May
  • Jun
  • July
  • Aug
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  • Dec
sprinkles Very Cold
  • 10° Max
  • -3° Min
  • 12.0 mm
Things to do

Adventure lovers should undertake a trek through the forest cover to truly explore beach. It usually takes about 30 minutes on foot. You could also wade through the water which is only around knee deep. Also, some of the best adventure activities one can indulge in include snorkelling and boating. Tourists should keep an eye out for glass-bottom boats. 


Scuba diving is also a preferred adventure sport. Since most of the diving sites are not close together, most of the dives take place in the morning till around lunch time. Take the time to go on a trip on the speed boat with the local fishermen to the mangroves which are located nearby. Fishing is also another great option with the fishermen actually taking the time to prepare the fishing lines for tourists.

Getting Around

Walking is the best way to discover the island. One can also make use of local buses and shared jeeps which operate between the other beaches on the island. Auto rickshaws are also available on the main roads or near the market area. Tourists who visit the island can also hire a scooter, bicycle or motorcycle from the main centre in the town. However, one would need to bargain for a good price. There are A/c and non-a/c taxis which one can hire; however, they can get quite expensive.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • Ferries are the best mode of transport to reach or leave the island. There are 2-3 ferries that arrive daily from Port Blair (2-4 hours). Government-operated ferries also ply should be booked in advance. The ferries are usually air-conditioned. Alternately, one can opt for AC catamaran ferries that operate from Port Blair to Havelock. The other travelling option is by flight. There are Cessna seaplanes from Port Blair to Havelock which operate back and forth all days of the week except Sunday.

Surrounding Attractions

Radhanagar Beach also referred to as Beach #7 is considered to be the most beautiful on the island. It is characterized by silky white sands and surrounded by forest cover. The beautiful turquoise water possesses some with excellent coral reefs which make it perfect for snorkelling.


Kalapathar beach is located at one corner of Havelock Island. One would be required to travel along the road From Beach no#3 and Beach no#5. The highlights of the beach include the emerald seas, the tropical forests (Kalapathar Rocks) the vast coastline. This beach is a great place to relax and unwind for tourists who visit it from around the world.

Emergency No.

Havelock Police Station

Phone Number: 03192-282405