Panna National Park

Located in the Panna and Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, the Panna National Park and Tiger Reserve spans over a territory of over 542 sq km. Though the number of tigers is low due to incessant poaching in the area, the reserve still maintains a fair few that were sent there to breed from other national parks. Once the twenty second best tiger reserve in the country, the tiger population here had hit zero in 2009. It has been an uphill battle since then, but the efforts of conservationists and forest officials are finally showing results as the tiger population has been on an upward trajectory from then onwards.  Located at 57 km from the famous Khajuraho, Panna National Park is a popular on the way tourist attraction for travellers moving from Khajuraho to the nearby Bandhavgarh National Park.

Panna National Park topography is a splendid mosaic of plateaus, plunging gorges, vast expanses of teak forests and savannah grasslands. It comprises th eupper Talgaon Plateau and the middle Hinouta Plateau andis fed by the Ken river, which runs for about 55km within the sanctuary. 

Travel Tips

The summer months, though extremely hot are a better time to go to Pannasince more animals can be spotted in the Park during summer. Also, remember to check out the diamond mines in the city, as well as the Khajurao temple while you’re here. Keep in mind that a lot of people travel to Panna over the weekend and if you are looking for peace and quiet it is best to avoid weekends.

There are no government jeeps available, so you will need to rent jeeps form a private operator or ask your hotel to arrange one, even though it can be rather expensive. Elephant safaris have been discontinued.

When to visit

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Things to do

Though a popular stop over destination, Panna has quite a few interesting activities for tourists. It boasts of a rich cornucopia of wildlife, other than the tigers. The white necked stork, honey Buuzzard, Blossom headed Parakeet, bareheaded goose, Paradise flycatcher, King Vulture, Slaty headed Scimitar babbler and many other seasonal migratory birds, can be spotted here, making it an absolute delight for those who enjoy bird-watching.

The forested tracts are filled with the usual central Indian animals such the chinkara, chital deer, leopard, hyena, the India fox etc, along with the regal tiger himself. Though there are no officially conducted jeep safaris, there is an interesting boat ride organised by the Park officials that often gives travellers a moment to catch reptiles or other water creatures in their natural habitat. Elephant safari is one of your best bets to spot a striped beast up close. A major attraction is the night safari at Gangau offered by the Ken River Lodge. Quiet walks and treks through the park reveal a lush forest with deep ravines and cascading waterfalls, alongwithglistening rivulets of the Ken river scattered around.

Trees common in Panna include teak, tendu, mahua and salai. Panna has has a checkered history as far as its tiger population is concerned. 

Forest department offers an hour long boat ride on the Ken river during Pannas open hours.

some of the most interesting animals come out at night, including rare jungle cats, porcupines and sloth bears. The tiger reserve is closed after sundown, but Ken river Lodge arranges night safaris via the nearby reserve forest. the trip takes 3-4 hours, and its almost certain you will spot animals that you cannot see see in the park during hte day.


Getting Around

From safaris to boat rides, spotting crocodiles to tigers and sloth bears, Panna offers exciting opportunites to wildlife lovers.


Places to Stay

There are some excellent luxury hotels in Pannafor almost all pockets. There are a few lodges located at Madla that provide vital tourist services.

Resorts and guesthouses are located in the villages of Madla as well as Majgawan on the periphery of the park. The huts and cottages are spread over 40 acres of the jungle along the Ken river. This is by far the preferred place to stay in Panna, offering a great combination of privacy, comfort and beauty. The lodge arranges angling and boat tours on the Ken, jeep rental, jungle and night safaris and day trips to near by attractions, as well as package deals that offers savings of more than 50 perent off the standard rates listed. 




How to Reach

  • The nearest airport is at Khajuraho, only 45 kms away, however there are not many carriers flying here. Jet Airways is one of the rare flights that flies from Delhi (10:40) to Khajuraho via Varanasiregularly. To reach Khajuraho from other major cities, fly to Varanasi and catch a connecting flight from there. Indian Airlines flies Delhi-Varanasi daily at 11:40 and Mumbai-Varanasi daily at 8:00.
  • The nearest Railway station fromPanna is at Satna (90 kms), with daily connecting trains to Delhi and regular trains to other major cities. Buses also ply on the route and can be used to reach Panna.
  • If you are driving from Khajuraho toward Bandhavgarh, Panna would fall enroute. The nearest bus stand is at Panna itself, connected to Khajuraho and many other places in Madhya Pradesh by a good road network. Madla, at a distance of around 24 km south-west of Khajuraho, is a good transport centre from where you can avail busses and other vehicles to Panna. To reach by road from Delhi, take the NH2 to Agra, NH3 to Gwalior, NH75 to Panna via Jhansi, Bamitha and then Madla.

Surrounding Attractions

One of the biggest surrounding attractions is the Khajuraho temple, a mere 45 kms away. It is one of the most exotic and popular temples in the country and is known for its magnificent engraved walls and architecture. Other National Parks such as the Pench National Park, Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park etc are all in approximate vicinity and can easily be approached from Panna. There are also several surrounding heritage sites from Pannasuch as Orcha. This 16th century capital of the Bundelarulers has several palaces and temples that make for magnificent viewings. JehangirMahal, built in honour of the Mughal emperor, is worth a visit. Panna, being enroute to so many other national parks serves as the base camp for many travellers. You can choose one of the many premium hotels in Panna, book a car or Gypsy from the local agencies, and go on day long tours to one of these parks at a time.

Panna is also famous as an industrial mining town, renowned for its diamonds, and makes for an interesting trip. Pandav Falls in the vicinity adds to the scenic beauty of the place and is an excellent spot for a family picnic or afternoon out. The serene lake, fed by the falls makes for a very picturesque location. It is extremely popular as the waterfall has a special mention in the mythical scriptures of the Indian epic, Mahabharatas, where the Pandavas bathe during their exile, thus deriving its name. Rajgarh Palace, a majestic piece of royal architecture is also a nearby local attraction and should not be missed. The grand architectural beauty stands tall, overlooking the valleys. The enjoyable walk to Pandava Falls takes a couple of hours, and is a good way for teenagers to burn off some excess energy.

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