Panchmarhi Biosphere Reserve

Among the many wildlife national parks and sanctuaries, the Panchmarhi Biosphere Reserve is one of the most unique sanctuaries in India. The Reserve, created by the Indian Government in 1999 contains three different zonal sanctuaries - the Satpura National Park, Bori Sanctuary and the Panchmarhi Sanctuary. Spread over an area of 461 sq km, the Pachmarhi Sanctuary lies in the Satpura mountain range in Madhya Pradesh. The area was converted into a biosphere reserve in an effort to conserve and preserve the vast natural flora and fauna alongwith the natural resources that flourish in the area. Situated in the Hoshangabad district of Madhya Pradesh since 1977, the Panchmarhi Wildlife Sanctuaryserves as a brilliant natural habitat for a variety of different animals. Added to the wildlife found in this area, its picturesque locales and breathtaking natural splendour, makes it a favourite travel destination for both India as well as foreign tourists.

Travel Tips

Panchmarhi is a natural wonder, with many hidden delights for the enthusiastic traveller. It is no wonder that it was named the ‘Queen of the Satpura’. Enjoy the local markets and food of the place teeming with rich local handicraft and culture. The mix of the tribal with the British legacy gives an interesting touch to this jewel of a town, tucked in the heart of the mountains.

Monsoons are heavy in Panchmarhi so it is best to avoid the area during the rainy months. Otherwise, winters are chilly and summers are really hot, as is expected. Carry your binoculars and cameras since the place offers a lot of picture perfect moments, what with its numerous caves, waterfalls and abundance of flora and fauna. Panchmarhi is also a perfect romantic weekend getaway destination for lovers as it offers not only peace and quiet away from the cacophony of city life, but also a bunch of activities that couples can do together. 

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Things to do

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and a nature lover, the Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary is a perfect combination for you! It has both a variety of flora and fauna as well as an abundance of natural beauty. Bija, tinsa, dhaora, sal, haldu, palash, kasai, bel and bamboo are some of the resplendent natural plantsfound in the sanctuary.  This tranquil sanctuary is also the habitat of the tiger, panther, sambhar, chital, bhedki (barking deer), blue bull, four horned antelope, chinkara, bison, wild boar and wild dog. Your best bet at animal spotting is on one of the wildlife Safaris organized by the Park officials which will cost you anywhere between Rs 2000-3000 per safari. Many hotels also conduct nature walks and forest trails for spotting wild animals in their natural habitat. These are extremely popular as they reveal to the eyes of the weary traveller a world of amazing and rare birds, reptiles, mammals and plants. For those who are interested in spotting tigers and other wild animals, the Satpura Tiger Reserve and the BoriNational Park are very close.

Apart from the sanctuary itself, Pachmarhi, also known as the ‘Queen of Satpura’, has a bunch of other striking areas to explore. Apart from being a wildlife reserve, Pachmarhi is also a popular hill station. Discovered by James Forsythe, an official in the British-Indian government to serve as an army base and sanatorium for the British cantonment, many relics of the Raj can still be found intact in this quaint old hill station. The Bison Lodge, named so by James Forsyth himself, is an interesting museum of local delights and packed with fun tit-bits of local history. You may also want to go for bike treks through the accessible hillocks - an excellent way to feel one with nature. Cycles can also be found on rent all around the park, and there is perhaps nothing more fulfilling than cycling around the hillocks soaking in the grandeur of nature.

Getting Around

The best way to get around in Panchmarhi is to hire a Jeep or some other four wheeler suitable to hilly terrains. Local agencies that provide cars for rent are available all around the year. One excellent and economic option is to share a Gypsy for sightseeing. They make shared tour keeping in mind the preferences of tourists (for example families or couples are not mixed with group of boys). Though these are available you would need to do some prior research to find providers of shared tours because everyone tries to promote full hire of vehicles.

Places to Stay

Panchmarhi, being a wildlife reserve as well as a hill station, offers a variety of hotels and resortswithin very affordable budget


Luxury Hotels - (3000 - 5000 INR pernight):-

WelcomHeritage Golf View (Mahadev Road | Opp. Forest Colony, Pachmarhi 461 881, India

CALOR Vanasthali Cottages (VIP Road, Pachmarhi 461881, India)

Woodland Bungalow (Dhoopgarh Road, Pachmarhi, India)


Mid range Hotels - (2000 - 3000 INR pernight):-

New Ark Residency (Main Road, Pachmarhi, India)

Evelyn's Own Heritage Home (Nr. Army Cantonement Area, Pachmarhi 461881, India)

Champak Bungalow (Near Padmini Lake, Pachmarhi 461881, India)


Budget Hotels - (900 - 1800 INR pernight):-

Hotel Paradise (Main Road, Pachmarhi 461881, India )

Hotel Indraprastha(Pipariya Road, Pachmarhi, India

Hotel Utkarsh(Subhash Rd, Pachmarhi 461881, India)

How to Reach

  • If you prefer to travel by air, the Bhopal Airport, 194 kmsaway, is the closest airport to Pachmarhi. Rented taxis ply between Bhopal to Panchmarhi and cost about Rs. 4000. The Nagpur Airport is the second closest airport to the place.
  • Pipariya Railway station in the Hoshangabad district of MP is the closest rail head to Pachmarhi. It is just 47 kms and regular taxis and rented cars ply to and from the station, and will cost you about Rs. 1000.
  • Regular bus services are available from Pachmarhi to Chhindwara, Pipariya and Bhopal daily. Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation buses and several other private tourist buses ply on this route.

Surrounding Attractions

Panchmarhi is packed with gorgeouslocales, and thus is a haven for tourists from all over the country who want to cram as much into their vacation as they possibly can. Forsythe Point is the place where Panchmarhi was discovered by Forsythe. This is a popular historical and natural attraction for many. Waterfalls and pools are abundant in the region, such as the Fairy Pool, Bee Falls, Duchess Falls etc. The Bee Falls or JamunaPratap is not a very easy trek so if you have older people or children in your trekking party, avoid the fall. The Fairy Pool or ApsaraPratap is a beautiful waterfall, and is also children friendly as the water is quite shallow around the peripheries. Duchess Falls and Silver Falls are other breathtaking waterfalls that combine the grandeur of nature with incredible views of the rising horizons. Nestled amid the mountains, Panchmarhi also has a number of caves and archaeological relics to the joy of the ardent explorer. Pandhav Caves is of mythological importance and is a must visitsince it is said to be the group of caves where the Pandavas hid during their exile from the state, according to the famous Indian mythological scriptures of the Mahabharata. It is these five caves that give Panchmarhi its name and are a protected heritage monument now.

Other popular spots include Picaddily Circus, Harper Caves, GuptMahadeo, Catholic and Christ Churches, Chieftain’s Cave etc.

Important Numbers

Emergency Response Centre, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Tel No: 0755-2469180

Police Station - 100

Ambulance – 102, 108

Fire Station - 101