Dhalipur Lake

The famous Dhalipur Lake is located at the confluence of the rivers Yamuna and Asan. The river was constructed in the year 1967. The place is famous among tourists especially for bird watching and is a birdwatchers’ paradise. In total, there are 53 water bird species from which 19 are migratory species from Eurasia.

It is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Dehdarun, The reservior is popularly named as Dhalipur Lake and attracts a large number of birds.

Hindi is the main language spoken in this region.


Travel Tips

The best time to visit the lake is from October to December and then till to the middle of March.


When to visit

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  • 29° Max
  • 21° Min
  • 42.6 mm
  • Light clothes
Things to do

One of the best things to do is bird watch owing to the number of migratory birds present in the region. A visit to the Assan Barrage Bird Sanctuary, which was constructed in 1967, is a must for tourists who visit the region. The area is characterized by green trees as well as a 287.5 m long water body which attracts a large population of migratory birds. The area which these birds occupy spans four sq kms.

Also, tourists can indulge in some water sports here with canoeing, jet skiing, kayaking and boating among the favourites here.

Getting Around

The best way to get around here would have to be via hired cars and jeeps. Also, trekking is a viable option in order to explore the landscape of the place.

Places to Stay

Book hotels near Dhalipur lake in Dehradun online. Few handful of hotels are there.

How to Reach

  • The nearest airport is the Dehradhun airport
  • The nearest railway station is the Dehradhun railway station
  • Connected by a number of state and national highways

Surrounding Attractions

Chandrabani - famous temple located 7 kms from Dehradhun

Dakpathar – This is a perfect picnic spot

Rajaji National Park – It has a magnificent ecosystem and is situated in the midst of the Shivalik range

Emergency No.

Police Control Room, Pauri Garhwal : 222218