Nargol is a small village which is located in the south of Gujarat proximate to the Maharashtra border. The countryside which surrounds the area is typically Indian with small farmhouses. In and around the area, one can sport buffalos swimming in the rivers. The beaches in the vicinity are wide and spacious. In fact, near the coastline, one can spot traditional fishing villages.


Interestingly, an ancient city was discovered recently around 30-40 meters under the sea. The area is never overcrowded with tourists, making it a perfect destination for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The town is known popularly for its Parsi population.

Travel Tips

Ensure not to carry too many valuable belongings as it could be prone to robbery. Also, it would be best if tourists hire a car for the day as it would be an easier option for travel purposes. Light clothing and footwear is also recommended for those that enjoy walking and exploring the area.


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When to visit

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Things to do

There are only a handful of activities that one can engage in when in Nargol. A visit to the Agiary (fire temple for the Parsis) near the beach is a must for tourists in the area. A visit to the Fine Art College is also a recommended place of interest. Also, paying a visit to the ‘Nirmal Tree’ located near the beach is also a must. In fact, the area surrounding the tree has been deemed as a ‘Holy Forest’.

Getting Around

The best way to get around in the area is by auto rickshaws and buses which ply regularly to important points. However, one can also hire a car for the duration of the stay. There are some hotels which also provide car hire services to their guests, thus saving them the extra time and energy.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • The Surat Airport is proximate to Nargol. There are a number of various domestic flights which are connected to major metro and international cities.
  • Train stations are also located close to the eastern side of the city.
  • Surat is situated around 234 km from Ahmedabad, 131km from Vadodara, and 297 km from Mumbai. Bus stations, both ST and private, can be found near the eastern end of the city.

Surrounding Attractions

Nargol is proximate to cities like Surat in Gujarat as well as Daman. Tourists usually make it a point to visit these places.

Emergency No.

For emergency situations the local telephone number is 108