Mandarmoni is one of the best seaside village and one of the fast developing resorts in West Bengal. One of the special attractions of the place would have to be the red crabs crawling along the beach. It is also hailed as the longest driveable beach in the India. Initially, the beach was known as Mandarboni but it came to be known as Mandarmoni over time.

Travel Tips

When driving on the beach, try to stick to the central part of the beach. There are certain pockets towards the end of the beach that are soft and may cause your car to get stuck. Try to avoid driving after dark as there is a high chance that your car may get stuck in a sand dune. There is no electricity on the beach after dark. The high tide also causes the sea to rise. Therefore, avoid visiting the beach after sunset. Always ensure that you have a torch with you at all times.


14C – 32C

When to visit

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sprinkles Hot
  • 35° Max
  • 30° Min
  • 20.8 mm
  • Light clothes
Things to do

Some of the best things to do at the beach would be to just relax, swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Some of the activities that one can indulge in here include table tennis, fishing, beach cricket, beach volleyball as well as boat cruises. Sunbathing is recommended only during October and February.

There are a number of water sport activities that a tourist can indulge in including jet skiing, banana boating, bumpy rides or ATV bike rides, among others.

One can also visit the Delta region of the beach which is around 5-6 km away from the beach. One can catch a glimpse of fisherman standing or wading through the water as they throw their nets out into the sea to catch fish.

Getting Around

Most tourists choose to walk as the distance between the hotels and the beach is barely a few kilometres. However, for those who want to take transport, avoid driving directly on the beach.

Places to Stay

How to Reach

  • It is situated around 180 km from the Kolkata airport on the Kolkata-Digha route
  • The nearest train station would have to be at Contai.
  • There was no proper road for around the last 5-6 kms to Mandarmoni, thereby forcing people to drive along the beach. However, a narrow all-weather road was constructed which leads straight to the hotels at the beach. From Kolkata, the journey takes around 3.5 hours By bus: If travelling by bus, you can catch one at Esplanade or Howrah headed towards Chawalkhola. From Chawalkhola, there are auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws which will take you to Mandarmoni. State Transport and Volvo buses are available to Mandarmoni.

Surrounding Attractions

There are other beaches around the area. The most famous are Digha and Shankarpur. While Digha is already a famous place among weekend tourists in West Bengal, Shankarpur is a virgin town and a local fish harbour. Shankarpur houses a number of famous temples in the area.

Important Numbers

East Midnapore:

Police Line PBX - 269578 / 579,

Police Office - 269765 / 766