Colva is a quaint and serene village located in Salcete, in South Goa. The highlight of this small village would have to be its beach which stretches for around 25 kilometres and comprises of powder white sand and palm trees. It is also among the famous tourist destinations in Goa. However, the beaches are always being monitored by lifeguards while the swimming areas come with their own share of warnings. Colva was significantly important to Portugal and was the go-to place for Goa’s high society who would visit the place for a change of air.

This Portugese bastion is now lined with quaint houses and a few ruins which lend a certain charm to the place. The beach is especially busy during the month of October when pilgrims from all over the country visit the Colva church which was founded in 1630. The local population have been fishermen since the 16th century and continue depend on it for their livelihood. Most of the fishermen in the area are direct descendants of the immigrants that settled in Colva from Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Portugal.

Travel Tips

When in Colva, make sure to avoid carrying valuables and a lot of money especially to the beach. Also, ensure that your bargaining skills are good to get a good bargain on transport fares especially when travelling in and around Colva.

When engaging in water sports, make sure to wear protective gear while also consulting the guides which are available on hand.

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Things to do

While most people who visit this village make it a point to spend a day at the beach, there are other attractions and things to do when in Colva. For a bookworm, one of the best places to buy and borrow books would have to be from the Goa Animal Welfare Trust Shop. The proceeds which are generated from the second hand books sold go towards the maintenance of the animals in the area. They even accept donations from travellers and locals.

Visit the many street food stalls that line the beach strip at Colva. You have the option of choosing to replenish yourself from a variety of food options for the journey that lies ahead.

While in Colva, one can indulge in some adrenaline-inducing water sports. In fact, as soon as you step onto the beach, there are men asking you to engage in parasailing, jet skiing and dolphin watching. Make sure you haggle in order to get the best price possible.

For pilgrims, a visit to the Our Lady of Mercy church is a must. It houses the statue of ‘Menino Jesus’ which was introduced by a Jesuit missionary and is said to have immense healing powers. The statue is usually displayed in the month of October where thousands of people gather to catch a glimpse of it.

Getting Around

There are buses available in Colva which take you to your destination within the village. There are auto rickshaws also available for short distances within Colva. Buses are preferred to taxis as they are cheaper and stop at certain destinations for sightseeing purposes. There are several taxis which are available. One can also hire a vehicle and rent bikes in order to enjoy an unhindered tour of the place. The rates may vary from time to time so tourists are requested to haggle for the right price.

Places to Stay

Luxurious hotel

Colva Kinara is a slightly upscale hotel and is located close to the beach. The deluxe rooms available come with their personal balcony as well as personalized room services. Rate: INR 4500 a night


Casa Roiz is a great place to stay on a budget. The rooms are spacious and have attached bathrooms. The showers have geysers as well as flat screen televisions. Rate: INR 1000 per night

Low-end hotel:

Colva Residency Beach Resort is a Goa Tourism Development Corporation property and is located proximate to the beach itself. There are different types of rooms available; however, most of them are cottages. Around INR 500-1000 a night.

How to Reach

  • Goa�s Dabolim airport is situated around 10 kms away from Colva and is accessible by taxis that ply regularly.
  • The best way to reach Colva is by taking a train or bus to Margao. Popular trains that ply from Mumbai to Margao include the Konkan Kanya Express, The Mandovi Express, The Matsyagandha Express or the Janshatabdi.
  • Colva is also accessible by bus from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore. The bus journey will take around 12 hours. A majority of the buses leave Mumbai in the evening or night and reach Goa in the morning.

Surrounding Attractions

Benaulim village is one of the best surrounding locations near Colva and is a quite retreat. The place has a small market and all activities are centred around Maria Mall. One can also indulge in a few water sports here. Another beach that is close by is Sernabatim. This is among the most important beaches in South Goa and is therefore equipped with the best resorts, restaurants, nightclubs, eateries and guesthouses, among others. The village is constantly expanding with the hope of attracting more tourists in the future.

Important Numbers

Police station: 788396