Chandrabhage is located around 3 km east from the famous Konark Sun Temple and around 30 km from the city of Puri in Orissa. The place was a natural cure for lepers until recently. It is now a famous tourist destination.

Legend has it that Krishna’s Son, a cured leper, worshipped the Sun God was cured at the mouth of the Chandrabhaga River. The river dried up as a result. This exact place is now used for religious activity in the area.

Chandrabhag, the daughter of a sage, became the object of affection for the Sun God who then came down to earth to seek her hand in marriage. However, Chandrabhag did not want to marry the Sun God and as a result, drowned herself in the river. Although her sacrifice may have been forgotten by the people in the town, it is now a holy shrine for pilgrims from around the country. Tourists who visit Konark usually pay a visit to this place. It is rich in marine resources. One can even find a large colony of fishermen near the dried river, representing the tribal life of the place.

Travel Tips

Since it is a pilgrimage spot, tourists are advised not to carry too many valuables. Bookings for hotels are to be done before hand to avoid the rush that ensues especially during the Magha Saptami period when the place is thronged by visitors from all over the country. Therefore, it is important for you to do your research before actually planning a trip here. Most people make a visit to the Sun Temple at Konark before making a stop here.

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18 C – 31 C

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Things to do

Chandrabhaga serves as a significant pilgrimage spot. The beach is located close to the famous Konark temple and has religious significance. It is during the seventh day of Magha at the beach, a fair is held honouring the Sun God who is believed to have cured Lord Krishna’s son from leprosy. Locals and tourists from around the country visit this place to take a dip in the holy water while offering prayers to the sun.  The river is quite shallow during this time, making it easy for worshippers to pray without being affected by the water.

The Chandrabagha Fair offers tourists the chance to engage in a riot of colour and excitement. The lighthouse located in the vicinity is another interesting place to visit owing to its historical significance. A natural deer park is among the recent additions to Chandrabagha and is a great way to spend the day.

Getting Around

One can get around quite easily in Chandrabhaga by auto rickshaw or cycle rickshaw. Most people hire a car from Konark to Chandrabhaga as it is only 2 kms away and usually merits a day’s visit by tourists who pass through.

Places to Stay

Most of the hotel are located in Konark which is around 2 kms away


Phone Number


Name of the Hotel

Phone Number

Panthanivas, OTDC, Konark – Mid-range

06758 - 236831


Marwari Hotel, Konark


Yatrinivas, At/P.O.-Konark Mid-range

06758 - 236820


Labanya Lodge, Konark

06758 - 236430

Banita Lodge, Konark1 – low-range

06758 - 23649


Tarini Lodge, Konark – low-range

06758 - 236857

Hotel Sunrise, Konark



Konark Lodge, Konark – low-range

06758 - 236502

Royal Lodge, Konark – high range

06758 - 236818


Aristo Lodge, Konark. – low-range


Bijoy Lodge, Konark

06758 - 236748


Open Air Auditorium,(Sun villa) Konark – low-range


High-range: INR 1,000 to INR 3000 per night

Facilities: AC/Non-AC rooms, laundry service, restaurants, banquet halls, spa services.


Mid-range: INR 900 – 2,000 per night

Facilities: Furnished rooms, AC/Non-AC rooms


Low-range: INR 450 to 1000 per night

Facilities: equipped with television, amiable staff and basic amenities like a double bed


How to Reach

  • Bhubaneswar airport is located around 64 kms away
  • Stations proximate to Chandrabagha include Puri and Bhubaneswar
  • National and State Highways link Chandrabagha beach.

Surrounding Attractions

It is important to note that Chandrabhaga Beach is located strategically to some other important tourist destinations in Orissa which is easily accessible by road. The beach may offer the opportunity for tourists to engage in pilgrimage and cultural activities as well as some sun bathing, surfing, swimming, among others. When in  Chandrabagha, one can also opt for excursions to various other tourist destinations like Gopalpur Beach – known for its serene beaches and quiet surroundings, Puri – among the main tourist destinations in Orissa and a must-visit place, Chilika Lake – a perfect escape where the main attraction would have to be taking a boating trip down the lake, the bird sanctuary – home to around 200 bird species that migrate there for the winter and Bhubaneswar – the capital of Orissa and the centre of all commercial activity, among others. These popular destinations can be reached by road or by train.