Holi, festival of coulour,  is an important festival of Hindus. It has cultural significance also , the day signifies the end of errors &  conflicts between each other. The day celebrates to forget and forgive the enemies. Holi marks the start of spring and for many others it symbolize start of New year. Beside these it has many other purposes , mainly the festival that celebrated agriculture commemorated  good spring harvests and the fertile land.


Hindus celebrate this festival as religious purpose as Holi / Dol. The night before holi bonfires are lit, people gather near fire, sings & dances. Next day the holi is celebrated . Children & youth spray coloured solution to each other while elders  play with coloured powder on each others face. Visitors to homes are teased with colours and served with sweets and drinks.  


Most Celebrated Places:

Holi/ Dol is celebrated all over India, and mostly celebrated in Mathura, the birth place of Lord Krishna.

Time/ Period:

It is celebrated at the end of the winter season on the last full moon of the lunar month called as Phalguni Purnima as per regional calendar , falls in March , sometimes in late February.


Travel Tips

To avoid colours on eyes try to wear goggles. Children should play with natural colours.

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