Sunderbans are among the largest mangorve forests in the world. These mangroves - a mixture of trees and shrubs growing in saline coastal habitats. The rover's channels are spread across the land lik a fine mesh net, creating a terrain where the boundaries between land and water are always mutating, always unpredictable. From someone who lives in Kolkata, the Sundarbans is both near and far. One the one hand, going about your daily grind in the urban jungle, it is hard to imaging that the fate of the Royal Bengal tiger is being decided just a hundred kilometres away. Here the landscapes and the skyline alter so dramatially that you might be on a different planet.

Sunderban the home of Royal Bengal Tiger and also largest mangrove area in the world. Tour starts from Kolkata and  the tourist will now be able to visit Namkhana, Bhagatpur, Lothin island, Nethi dhopani,Dobanki, Sudhanyakhali, Sajnekhali, Bali Village and other places of interest.

English, Hindi, Bengali are the languages spoken in Sunderban area.

Travel Tips

Winter season is the best time to cruise and avoid monsoon.

Carry first aid box, torch light.

Carry sunglasses, hats and sun tan lotion during trip.

Wear light cotton dress.

Wear tied shoes preferably gumboots.

Carry medicines fo cough, cold and fever etc. 

Drink only filtered water, mineral water or coconut water.

Carry spare batteries for your cameras as recharging facitlites is limited.

Carry binoculars to view distant animals and land scapes.

Do not play sound systems and loud speakers during the tour.

Travelling inside Sunderban is pemitted only sunrise to sunset.

Do not indulge in hunting or fishing during the tour.

Consumption of alcohol  is strictly prohibited in Sunderban.

Do not carry plastic bottles, plastic bags, and chips packets inside Sundarban core area.

Do not irritae the animals you see during Sunderban Jungle Safari.


When to visit

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Things To View

A 3 nights 4 days  tour on ship operated by Vivada Cruises takes to the interior of the forest and tiger reserve. River Cruise tour is a mix of interesting activities of the forest with the daily activities of village life. Tourist can enjoy a fishermen’s cove, crocodile project & various small islands along with thrilling forest work, deer rehabilitation centre, 300 years old temple at Nethi Dhopani along with tiger watch tower at Sajnekhali.Apart from  these there are many entertaining  programmes. On board cruise are an experience to remember.

Things to do

The Sajnekhali Tiger reserve is situated at the junction of the Peechkali and gomti rivers and is the centrepiece of your Sunderbans experience. This is the only place where one might safety step on the reserve proper. The complex also houses a Mangrove Interpretation Cenre, a museum, a watchtower, a crocodile pond, an Olive ridley turtles enclosure and the Herbivore Acclimatisation Centre for rehabilitating lost deer.

Bakkhali beach lies against the fringes of a forest delta, offering a unique and rather astonishing tropical combination.

Getting Around

Rail option not recommended since multiple boat, bus and auto connections are involved.

Places to Stay

The government -run so many lodge which are close to beach. The fisheries department runs Mangrove and Sunari Tourist complex.

Accommodation / Charges

  1. Vivada Cruise: A 3 nights 4 days tour on board in the ship operated by M.V. Paramhansa having

     Main Deck: 20 air-conditioned deluxe cabins with attached bath.

     First Deck:  12 luxury cabins, the Bar and Restaurant

     Sun Deck: This deck is specially created for Nature viewing.

     Guest Rooms: 20 deluxe cabins of 135 sq ft on the main deck and 12 Luxury 

     Rates:Starts from 40,500/-


  1. WBTDC: M.V.Chitralekha consists of coop, cabin berth, deck and bed roll.

Rate for 2nights/ 3 days starts from 3,000/-

How to Reach

  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is 15 km from the main city of Kolkata. Taxis and buses are available outside the airport
  • Howrah & Sealdah station are in the heart of the city and well connected with regular transport.
  • National highways links Kolkata with different cities and buses and cars are regularly available

Surrounding Attractions

Sonakhali is tbe point where you can visit the buffer zones of the tiger reserve.

Dhamakhali is the point from where you board the launch to enter the Burirdabri Eo-tourism Complex in the reserve.

Namkhana is the point to visit the Bhagatpur Crocodile Breeding Centre.

Gosaba is the last major setlement and is the meeting point of four rivers.

Important Numbers

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2. WBTDC, Kolkata

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