Kovalam Beach in the Indian state of Kerala is considered to be one of the most exquisite beaches of the country. This Kovalam Beach is divided into three parts, with the Northern most part is known as the Samudra Beach. The other two parts are the Light house beach which is located at the Southern end and the Hawa beach is located in the middle. The Kovalam beach is in the shape of a crescent and the three beaches are separated from one another, either by large promontory or by disjointed fissures.


The Samudra Beach is made up of the Northern part of Kovalam Beach and is popular among the tourists, both Indian and international. Not affected by the changing times, the Samudra Beach in Kovalam has succeeded in retaining its original charm. Even today one can find a number of basic wooden fishing vessels in the village.

The most attractive fact about the Samudra Beach in Kovalam is its seclusion. Still unaffected by the sudden spurge of tourism, the Samudra Beach does not have tourists crowding over the place. This beach mainly belongs to the native fishermen who operate from this part of Kovalam Beach.

Travel Tips

Since the Samudra beach is mostly devoid of shops, hence tourists generally buy curio and souvenir items from the lighthouse beach.

When to visit

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Things to do

Samudra beach is quieter than the main Kovalam or Lighthouse beach. Tourists come here for the old world charm and serene beauty. For activities tourist generally go to the main beach. Samudra beach is famous for fishing.

Apart from enjoying the glorious salt water lapping on one's feet on the beach, Kovalam offers surfing and boat ride. Surf boats can be hired from the beach. Once can go out in the ocean with the traditional catamaran for 300 - 600 INR for upto 30 mins.If speed is the criteria then one can take a motorboat also from the beach.

Among the tourist attractions is the lighthouse located on a hillock names Kurumkal which is close to the sea. The lighthouse is open to visitors and offers breathtaking views of the beach and its surroundings. The adjacent road to the lighthouse is a convenient venue for cycling and walks.

The Kovalam Art gallery in Kovalam displays paintings and art works related to Sanskrit culture. European and Western art lovers and artists are the major visitors here.

Hawah Beach and Samudra Beach are adjoining beaches. Hawah beach was famous for European tourists while Samudra beach is the fisherman;s cove.

Also the beach has a flurry of restaurants along its side and one can dig into the fresh catch of the day prepared right in front of them. The crabs and jumbo prawns are showcased everyday in a glass box for tourists to pick and choose. Apart from the local seafood, Indianised continental and Italian food is also available. One shouldn’t miss out on the sweet coconut water of the region.

Getting Around

Getting in and around Samudra beach can be done by tourist taxis or auto rickshaws. However one can also try the two wheelers on hire during the stay for easy rides.

Places to Stay

Samudra beach offers limited number of hotels however there is no dearth of hotel in the adjacent Lighthouse beach in Kovalam.

How to Reach

  • Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is 11 km away
  • Thampanoor Railway Station is 11 km away from the beach
  • Thampanoor Bus Terminal is around 11 km away from the beach

Surrounding Attractions

12 Kms from Kovalam beach the KamaranaRiver crosses the highway and offers spectacular views of the backwaters. The Thiruvallam boat club located on the banks of the river offers houseboat cruises, canoe rides and kayaking

The Vellayani Lake is located 7 Kms from Kovalam. It is the venue for the world famous boat race during Onam.

Situated 10 kms from Kovalam is the Valiyathura Pier which literally means the "big port". The place offers excellent views during dusk and dawn.

ThiruvallamParashurama Temple is one of the major Hindu shrines in India and is told to be 2000 years ols. The temple is almost 12 kms from the Kovalam beach.

The Vizhinjam Rock Cut Temple contains rock sculptures of the 18th century. The unfinished sculptures of Lord Shiva and Parvathy are the major attractions here.