The ancient port town of Poompuhar in the Nagapattinum district of Tamil Nadu was once the capital city of the Chola dynasty. The town has river riverKaveri on one side and the sea coast on the other side. Many ancient pottery and other articles dating back to as early as 4th century AD give idea about the town and its glorious past before it was washed away probably in a tsunami.

Travel Tips

Though the town of Poompuhar is small however it is quite famous for its handicrafts and holds an exhibition and competition every year. Statues made of Bronze, brass lamps, sandel wood products, wood and palm leaf products of the region are quite famous and are also exported.

When to visit

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Things to do

Silappathikara Art Gallery- Silappathikara Art Gallery is famous for its magnificent sculptures. It is a gorgeous structure with seven levels. The uppermost segment which is home to the 'Kalasams' has an elevation of eight feet. The overall elevation of the art gallery is 50 feet.

Zion Church- The Zion Church was constructed in 1701. The cathedral was last repaired in 1839 and is currently in excellent shape.

Town Gateway- The entranceway to the town of Poompuhar was constructed in 1792 and is a great example of Danish architecture.

Nagapattinam- Nagapattinam serves as the administrative headquarters of the Nagapattinam district. The place is a testimony of its glorious past and is a tourist attraction.

Danish Fort- The Danish Fort was constructed in 1620. Along with the Town gateway, the citadel is a live example of Danish architecture. The fort is currently an archaeological museum as well. It remains open to public everyday other than Friday.

Danish Governor Bungalow- The Danish Governor Bungalow is the largest structure in Tranquebar. In 1784 the Danish Governor of the area used this place as his residence. At present it is being looked after by the Tourism Department of the state.

Thiruppallavaneeswaram - The Thiruppallavaneeswaram temple is a historic and picturesque place of worship in Poompuhar. It is the birthplace of Pattinatthar and IyarppakaiNayanar.

Getting Around

The tourist attractions in and near the town of Poompuharis generally covered in a day’s trip by various travel guides. Getting around the town however is mostly done on foot.

Places to Stay


Poompuhar is a small and ancient town hence hardly has places of accommodation. Tourists generally prefer to visit the place in the daytime and return to the city by evening. However there is accommodation available by Tamilnadu Tourism department. Apart from that there is one more hotel available.


The list of lodges and cottages maintained by Tamilnadu Government Tourism Department



1. Shell type Cottage I (Sangu Type)

Rs. 175/- (Two beds)

2. Shell type Cottage II (Sippi Type)

Rs. 150/- (Two beds)

3. Tourist Red House Lodge

Rs. 50/- Per room (Two beds with common Toilet)


Hotel RamalingamPoompuha – 300 – 500 INR per day.


How to Reach

  • The nearest airport is at Tiruchirapalli located at a distance of 141 Kms. There are direct flights to Tiruchirapalli from Chennai and Kochi.
  • Mayiladuthurai railway junction (24 km) and Srikali railway station (21 km) are nearby railway stations to Poompuhar.Tickets are inexpensive and they are a good option.
  • Government buses are available from Ngapatinam to Poompuhar. They are frequent and tickets are cheap as well. Tickets usually cost around Rs 50 for the trip. Taxis may also be available from Nagapatinam to Poompuhar. They usually charge around Rs 7 per km. Tamil Nadu State Transport buses are available from Poompuhar to nearby cities. These are a good option and an easy way to travel. Buses may be crowded during certain periods and carrying luggage is also difficult.

Surrounding Attractions

Melapperumpallam and Keezhapperumpallam- These two Thalams are closely located to  Poompuhar. There is a place of worship or mandir at Melapperumpallam known as the Valampuranathar temple which is famous for its wall writings from the Chola period. Keezhapperunpallam is 2 km away from Poompuhar and it is the spot where the well-known "Kethu" comes with a distinct Thalam.


Thiruvengadu- The site of Thiruvengadu lies close to Poompuhar.  The principal god idolized is Sri Swetharanyeswarar.

Thirukkadaiyur (Thirukkadayur)-Thirukkadaiyur comes on the itinerary connecting Tranquebar and Mayiladuthurai. It is one of the well-known SakthiThalam and one of the eight places of worship (Atta Veerathanam) that venerate the valiant activities of Lord Shiva. Pilgrims choose this area to observe their 60th birthday or Shastiyapthapoorthi.

AnanthaMangalam- The small village of AnanthaMangalam is close to Thirukkadaiyur. There is a mandir which houses the god of "'DasapujaVeeraAnjaneyar".

VaitheeswaranKoil- This ancient temple houses the Gods of ThaiyalNayaki (Sakthi); Vaithyanathan (Shiva) and Muthukkumarasamy (Murugan) and is known for its carving marvels.

Sirkazhi- Sirkazhi is the hometown of ThirugnanaSambandar the famous Saivite Saint. You will also find the well-known ThoniyaperShivalayam in this place.

Thirunallaru- This place of worship is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This place of devotion has been venerated in Thevarams and ranks as one of the 'Sapthvidanga' Thalams. The place for worship for Saneeshwara (Saturn) or one of the Navagrahas is also a popular tourist destination.

Thirusaikkadu (Sayavanam)-TThe place of worship is dedicated to IraiviKuyilinamNanmozhiAmmai and Thirusayavaneswarar. Chola writings can be seen on the wall of this temple.

Thiruvakkur- Thiruvakkur is a part of the TranquebarTaluk. It is famous for the Shiva mandir which has been designed according to the Madakkoil style. Thiruvakkur is also the hometown of SirappuliNayanar who is one of the 63 Nayanmars. They still chant the mantras on this mandir.

Sempanarkoil- This temple is also known as Thirusumponpalli in the Devaram chants. It is located in the middle of the way to Mayiladuthurai and Tranquebar and is known for its legacy.

Punjai- It is closely located to Sevpondarkoil. This mandir is dedicated to Lord Shiva and achieved honors from Devaram. The temple is famous for its stunning architecture of the Chola era.

Nangoor- The place houses a number of Vaishnava temples and all of them were consecrated by ThirumangaiAlvarNangoor. You will find 11 of the 108 ThivyaDesams' near Nangoor.

Thiruvarur- The place lies at a distance of 20 km from Nagapattinam and 65 km from Poompuhar. It is famous for being the home to the Thyagarajamandir and the temple car or chariot. It is the most important among the "Atta Veerattanam". The majestic Kamalambalmandir is regarded as one of the 'SakthiPeethams'. The principal attraction of this place is that it houses three Shiva mandirs at one area.