Goa tourism invites you 2014-04-25

Welcome to the surreal beauty of a vast expanse of the clear blue sea and silver sandy beaches, the imposing, grand forts and the verdant lofty mountains. Come to Goa for a complete holiday experience - soothe your senses with a cool drink on a beach bed or be a total party animal at happening beach and club parties. Goa tourism has much for adventure-freaks looking for an adrenaline rush, for there are water-sports and other adventure-sports in plenty. Those seeking the solace of religion will find a multitude of ancient temples and ornate churches, each with its own little story. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must see for some great insights into the Portuguese history of Goa, which dictates most of Goan culture and lifestyle. A foodie-haven for sea-food lovers and other exquisite cuisines. To sum it up, between  its Portuguese past, its fishing village feel, its world famous beaches, ancient temples, paddy fields and plantations, Goa has something for everyone. This very tiny patch of India's west coast is very large-hearted land indeed. The Portuguese rule from 1510 to 1961 left its imprint on local language, religion, cuisine, music, and of course, built heritage. The sea beaches and hills were gifted by nature. Tourism brought water sports, Western migrants brought alternative ways of life, and everyone seems to have brought beer and fish. The Goan meanwhile is sussegad , laid back and easy.