Trekking shoes / Alpine trekking shoes in India


Before starting the trek there were a lot of apprehensions about trekking shoes. We had decided on woodland shoes but some doubts were expressed about that too. We stuck on to our decision and bought Woodland Article No- G-40777. It was priced at Rs 2100 but we got a quantity discount of 15% for ten pairs. Rs 1800/- per pair. The shoes look heavy. Are heavy. But the moment you wear them you feel protected. Excellent foot grip, very good cushioning, deep treaded sole for all terrains. Dust, mud, scree, ice, boulders, water. The shoes took it all. I found them especially good during the descent. Saved the toe a lot of beating. The soles are rolled up about two inches which do not let the water in while crossing small puddles, streams.
A true Indian trekking and outdoor shoe this.